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THE stars of Starsky And Hutch took a trip down Memory Lane as the Hollywood movie remake received its UK premiere.
He is due to start filming a movie remake of DENNIS POTTER's classic The Singing Detective next month.
These titles are anticipated to produce substantial revenue for Liberty in its second quarter and continue to increase revenues over the next 24 months and for years to come as we renew these 'Classics' for DVD, broadcast and potential movie remake projects.
Reports suggest that Katy often visited her hubby on the New York set of the movie remake Arthur but hasn't been seen for a few days as she prepares for her new European Tour.
BRITISH actor Rupert Everett has admitted Camilla Parker Bowles inspired his new role as a headmistress in the movie remake of St Trinian's.
What horror movie remake did the actress who played her star in?
The 37-year-old, who lived in Mold for six years as a schoolgirl, plays damsel-in-distress Ann Darrow in Peter Jackson's pounds 85m movie remake.
Simpson,pictured last night with co-stars Johnny Knoxville and Sean William Scott, plays pin-up Daisy Duke in the movie remake complete with trademark denim shorts.
Simpson plays pin-up Daisy Duke in the movie remake, complete with trademark denim shorts.
While the movie remake may have just about met with Roald Dahl's approval, he'd be turning in his grave if he ever saw this, one of the prime examples of why the term `licensed game' means you should either approach with extreme caution or ignore altogether.
Although it might be getting roasted in the press, Bewitched earned much praise on this poll as the movie remake Americans most want to see, with 30% of the vote.
Even the film's director, Michael Mann, has noticed and has ordered the 28-year-old hellraiser to work out in the gym in preparation for his role as Sonny Crockett (originally played by Don Johnson) in the movie remake of the 80s TV show.