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VILLAIN., An epithet used to cast contempt and contumely on the person to whom it is applied.
     2. To call a man a villain in a letter written to a third person, will entitle him to an action without proof of special damages. 1 Bos. & Pull. 331.

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At more than 7ft tall, Gary Tiplady makes for a fearsome Doppelganger of the movie villain, especially when he puts in his fake metal gnashers.
Here, he completely delivers on the promise he made in that movie, taking the Caped Crusader further down the same path but throwing into the mix quite possibly the best movie villain ever in the form of Ledger's truly terrifying Joker.
The mayor as played by Dorien Thomas is almost a silent movie villain, just missing out in the moustachetwirling, while the printer Aslaksen - the voice of quiet reason - is also given a high comedy touch by David Charles.
GUY Pearce once played clean-cut Mike in the soap Neighbours - but now he is about to play a deliciously evil movie villain.
Like a modern horror movie villain who keeps coming back from the dead, a false story can take on a life of its own: Eskimos have hundreds of words for snow, Millard Fillmore ordered the first bathtub for the White House, that sort of thing.
But after production finished in England, Lucas brought the negatives to Hollywood and while Prowse's voice was used throughout the shoot, in the US it was 'overdubbed' with the voice of James Earl Jones (speaking through a scuba mouthpiece, it turns out) which admittedly is the best-remembered feature of the most famous movie villain ever.
8PM Forget Darth Vader or Hannibal Lecter, has there ever been a scarier movie villain than the Child Catcher?
He established himself as a movie villain in 1994 action blockbuster True Lies and played a special needs teacher in acclaimed thriller Clockwork Mice.
A PSYCHOTIC teenager claimed he battered a pensioner to death because he thought he was the horror movie villain Freddy Krueger.
Which iconic movie villain was played by a wrestler with the professional name of Tosh Togo?
Popov is a movie villain straight out of Central Casting.
It was not the vote he was waiting for - but President George Bush has been named Movie Villain of the Year.