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I was convinced then that my earlier impressions of Giselle throughout Movin' Out were correct: Just as Jerome Robbins had retold Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet (itself probably based on legend) in his 1957 hit musical West Side Story, Tharp, I believe, based her ballet on, and gave it all the gravitas of, the Romantic Giselle (1841).
But in the few moments when a choreographic vision kicks in, Movin' Out doesn't look like Tharp at all, it looks like Paul Taylor, whose company Tharp danced in before she set out on her own.
Since he is still performing on tour with Movin' Out, Roberts is staging the Bolshoi production in three trips.
Like the first draft of Movin' Out, the first version of The Times They Are A-Changin' was not well-received by the critics, who noted that they were expecting more dance.
When I went to see Movin' Out, it was a good example of people who studied ballet and could also do jazz.
On Broadway" columnist Sylviane Gold talks to six swings in the casts of The Lion King, Hairspray, and Movin' Out about how they accomplish their near-impossible tasks.
After fashioning the songs of Billy Joel into the terrific musical Movin' Out, this time Twyla Tharp is tackling the Bob Dylan songbook.
Our mission is diversity," says Richardson, who recently starred in Twyla Tharp's Movin' Out on Broadway.
On it goes, a parade of breakthroughs that leads to the dark analysis of the roots of prejudice in South Pacific's "You've Got to Be Taught" (1949) to Hair's trio of horny white women singing "Black boys are delicious" (1968) to today's matter-of-fact interracial couples in Rent, Avenue Q, Hairspray, Good Vibrations, and Movin' Out.
And even if they don't make it, Twyla Tharp's Movin' Out is still going strong; one of her former dancers, John Carrafa, has directed and choreographed the new Beach Boys musical, Good Vibrations; there will be dancing a-plenty when Sweet Charity returns next month with choreography by Wayne Cilento, and even straight-play audiences got to see a bit of Sean Curran choreography at the end of the Lincoln Center production of the classic Restoration comedy The Rivals.
Luis Bravo's Forever Tango is the most sophisticated, grown-up choreography and dancing on Broadway but for Twyla Tharp's shining Movin' Out.
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