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Creating Content for Mobile, on Mobile Devices Mozilla today unveiled the beta version of Webmaker, a free and open source mobile content creation app, which strips away the complexity of traditional Web creation.
Ahmad Abdulkarim Julfar, chief executive officer, Etisalat Group said: "We are happy to be part of this innovation and to support Mozilla in the launch of this new operating system.
In 2010, Google paid Mozilla an estimated $103 million, meaning that the new agreement would increase Mozilla's revenue by $197 million each year, or about $16.
The Mozilla Web Apps platform gives content owners, operators and service providers an unprecedented direct connection to their customers and limitless possibilities for consumer interaction and customized experiences, while also enjoying open and flexible billing options.
We're looking forward to continuing to work with Mozilla and other service providers to leverage the power of Firefox OS and the Web community.
A senior official at Mozilla said following the recent incidents, Mozilla has noted the importance of a review effort that was launched in 2013.
The Future of Voice' Panel Mozilla CTO Brendan Eich will take part in the panel discussing the latest strategies and technologies driving the changes in voice-based services across the industry.
Formally called project 'boot to gecko', Firefox OS forsmartphoneshas gained global support for its launch, according to Mozilla.
They have also identified the potential of the technology to deliver "compelling smartphone experiences at attainable prices", Mozilla said in a blog post.
According to Mozilla CEO Gary Kovacs, the Collusion add-on will allow users to "pull back the curtain" on web advertising firms and other third parties that track people's online movements.
Mozilla claims that its Thunderbird e-mail client focusses on new features and settings to help stop spam and prevent viruses.
Mozilla was born in 1998 when Netscape Communications Corp released an alpha version of its web browser software under an open source license.