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Former MP Paul Murphy, who was elected to Westminster alongside Mr Morgan in 1987, said his friend of nearly four decades was "a true Welsh patriot".
His wife Josephine claimed Mr Morgan begged to have it amputated for fear of the infection spreading.
C'mon PM" Mr Morgan was also reminded of England's similar open-top bus celebrations after reaching the semi-finals of Italia 90, while several concluded he would be incapable of understanding the bond between a small nation and their team.
Rachel Knight, prosecuting, said Mr Morgan and his girlfriend Charmaine Attwell were at her Gurnos flat when David turned up during the early hours of December 14.
Mr Morgan told inquiry chairman Lord Justice Leveson that he had listened to a voicemail message left for Heather Mills- former wife of pop star Sir Paul McCartney.
Mr Morgan, former editor of the Daily Mirror and News of the World, told the Leveson Inquiry that "ethical considerations" had been "interwoven" into his work.
The inquiry heard that Mr Morgan first made reference to knowing about phone hacking in a diary entry in 2001 but said he had "no idea" who made him aware of the way messages were hacked.
Mr Morgan, who established Ingleby Barwick Golf Academy in 2005, has also offered to hand over almost half the 1.
The confrontation led to a scuffle and Dutton attacked Mr Morgan with the key.
We were wrong to compare Mr Morgan to the convicted fraudsters and we apologise to him for doing so.
The band organised the concert at Kiln Green Church, Diggle, to remember Mr Morgan.
Mr Morgan was prosecuted for downloading images of child pornography on to his computer after the teenager claimed he had taken indecent pictures of her when she was 15 years old.