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uk your say Mr Morgan replied: "I do not recall anything like that.
In a decision taken by Redrow directors - excluding Mr Morgan - the company will acquire five Harrow Estates freehold sites and hold options over a further seven.
Mr Morgan was a self employed scrap metal merchant who had lived alone since separating from his second wife in 2004.
Mr Morgan has designed this website for use by both adults and children.
The firm, which employed 100 people, needed to save pounds 100,000 and told three workers, including Mr Morgan, that they were losing their jobs.
In a seven-page formal complaint against Northumbria Police, Mr Morgan claims officers failed to investigate the allegations impartially, ignored evidence which could have proved his innocence, and failed to examine crucial computer evidence which would have quickly cleared him.
The jury heard details of emails which she was said to have sent to friends in which she swore undying love for Mr Morgan at the time he was alleged to have had indecent images on his computer.
Mr Morgan has never been a great fan of the premier and the feeling seemed mutual as Mr Blair, looking less than pleased, dryly replied: "Thank you, Rhodri.
But the prosecution says he was "enraged" to see the car parked outside his home and when Mr Morgan went back to his car, Chamberlain became abusive.
Although he has not lived in Wales for nearly 70 years, Mr Morgan has never forgotten the language of the land of his fathers.
But the message appeared to be the same as one Mr Morgan later admitted listening to, a programme spokesman said.
The jury heard Strickland was on the karaoke with his friend and Mr Morgan and his party started shouting some abuse at him.