the departed

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To be selected to join The Buddy Holly Educational Foundation board is an honor as well as an important opportunity to help further a very worthwhile cause in his memory," said Mr.
Taking into account those four species, the fungus killed off more than 99 percent of the bat population here in Massachusetts,'' Mr.
One of the earlier raven nests we've documented was built on the cliff of a man-made reservoir spillway,'' Mr.
In a nutshell: How you feel about Tim Curry camping it up as Mr.
The Allenwood land was bought from Charles Allenwood, who was later buried on the property, Mr.
A remake of ``Family Affair'' opens the evening, starring Tim Curry as Mr.
Taxidermists can sell them, but only if they're abandoned by their owner and even then the mounts can only be priced based on how much time the craftsman spent working on the finished piece, Mr.
Weber said he saw a cougar when he was a child and never forgot the look of the big cat, but, like Mr.
This year marks the first time in 33 years, the state's annual Midwinter Bald Eagle Survey will be incomplete, Mr.
The good news, of course, is that all of those species are back, some in greater numbers than others, and the majority of them returned on their own without any help from us," Mr.
The sentence imposed by Judge Lemire is to be served concurrently with a 9- to 10-year sentence Mr.