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The audience don't get a chance to draw breath as the unforgettable Mrs Malaprop, mistaken identities, elopements and duels all conspire to create chaos, confusion and comedy.
It puts him opposite that doyenne of the British stage, Stephanie Cole, who plays the hilariously tongue-twisted Mrs Malaprop.
But in Mrs Malaprop, the pretentious aunt of over-romantic heroine Lydia Languish, Sheridan created one of the great comic characters, here wonderfully recreated by Stephanie Cole as a kind of powdered cream puff busily mangling the language with her fluent linguistic approximations.
This is likely to be a fairly sharp filly, as her sire Compton Place and dam Mrs Malaprop both won over five furlongs as two-year-olds.
And no wonder, for judge Jane Stickels had had no hesitation in calling Mrs Malaprop the winner as the two fillies flashed past the post together.
Liverpool Empire, Mon 24 Oct The Rivals In the summer streets of Bath, social climber and "pineapple of politeness" Mrs Malaprop is determined to make her niece Lydia Languish a fortuitous match.
Edward Hardwicke, another distinguished British actor, takes his place in the classic Restoration comedy, starring opposite Stephanie Cole, who plays the linguistically inventive Mrs Malaprop.
Gabrielle Drake is the inimitable Mrs Malaprop, contorting, confusing and torturing her syntax, none of which was lost on a highly appreciative, much amused audience.
Mrs Malaprop is drawn under the stand rail and rates a danger, along with Mungo Park and Storyteller.
Mrs Malaprop was well ridden by 8lb claimer Paul Cleary, who was notching his second victory.
A dozy young lad, an old Mrs Malaprop who insists on saying "alterfication", and a catchphrase: "Ralph, stop playing with your whistle.
Poor old Mrs Malaprop comes a cropper because she's trying to educate herself and gets it all wrong.