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AIDS, Engl. law. Formerly they were certain sums of money granted by the tenant to his lord in times of difficulty and distress, but, as usual in such cases, what was received as a gratuity by the rich and powerful from the weak and poor, was soon claimed as a matter of right; and aids became a species of tax to be paid by the tenant to his lord, in these cases: 1. To ransom the lord's person, when taken prisoner; 2. To make the lord's eldest son a knight; 3. To marry the lord's eldest daughter, by giving her a suitable portion. The first of these remained uncertain; the other two were fixed by act of parliament at twenty shillings each being the supposed twentieth part of a knight's fee, 2 Bl. Com. 64.

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The primary endpoints of the study were frequencies of episiotomies and perineal tears in both HIV- positive and negative paturients while the secondary outcome was MTCT of HIV.
Accuracy of MTCT knowledge was coded into three categories based upon previous research with women living with HIV: underestimate (0%), accurate (l%-2%), overestimate (>3%), and "I don't know" inaccurate (Finocchario-Kessler et al.
In 2014, the national prevention of MTCT guidelines were modified to classify infants based on their risk for acquiring HIV.
The third element of DOI theory, utilized in this MTCT research study is the use of opinion leaders who are respected for their knowledge and reputation on specific topics (Bertrand, 2004).
Prevention of MTCT is of paramount importance, as it is the significant source of infection in children younger than 15 years of age.
We found that the rate of MTCT in the principal public-sector provider in Bahia in the period 2005-2008 was 8.
There have been consistent reports that maternal viral suppression has been associated with a significant reduction in the risk of MTCT of HIV.
The main risk factors for MTCT identified in our review of the case histories of PCR-positive infants were late presentation to antenatal care, inadequate provision or duration of antenatal PMTCT prophylaxis, and a lack of viral load monitoring to determine whether a pregnant woman is virologically suppressed at delivery and during breastfeeding.
The present study targeted mothers and their infants, residing in high hepatitis B prevalent districts of three provinces of Pakistan, namely Balochistan, Sindh and Punjab and aimed at establishing the HBsAg and HBeAg seroprevalence and to assess the risk of hepatitis B MTCT.
2] Nonstandard abbreviations: MDGs, Millennium Development Goals; OF, obstetric fistula; FGC, female genital cutting; MTCT, mother-to-child transmission; ART, antiretroviral treatment.
Recent studies have indicated that MTCT risk is very low among women on HAART and takes nevirapine at the onset of labour [5, 6].
In fact, without these short placebo-based trials, countries such as South Africa would not have developed a low-cost intervention to prevent MTCT.