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In addition to the Internet, with its global reach for databases and cloud storage, modern muckrakers are using mobile and satellite phones as well as high-definition video and graphics, and they are exploring global positioning systems, radio frequency identification and even private drones to track investigative targets.
of strong military leaders and wise political leaders, dedicated journalists and demanding teachers, judges and muckrakers, scholars and critics and artists.
Certainly muckrakers like the early Ralph Nader, ripping back the veils to show us what is really going on.
Anderson, the last of the great muckrakers, was the personification of the Post's vaunted platform.
Gibney, cementing a reputation as one of our era's finest and most thorough muckrakers, talks to U.
The author of the seminal The Politics of Oil: A Study of Private Power and Democratic Directions (Macmillan, 1961), he will always hold a position of high honor among the muckrakers, investigators and analysts who have chronicled Big Oil's shocking array of abuses over the last century.
Simple Plan, Dierks Bentley, Less Than Jake, The Muckrakers, Joe Nichols, Hoobastank, Nick Cannon, Chris Brown, and All American Rejects.
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Sinclair and the other muckrakers wanted to expose what they saw as unfair or immoral practices by Large corporations or trusts.
It's easy to be swayed by the muckrakers who blame the food industry for making America fat.
A free press has a right to be muckrakers, and it is through their aggressive research that grains of truth--like ounces of pure gold in tons of ore--can be discovered.