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CELL. A small room in a prison. See Dungeon.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The presence of mucous cells in the lining of the intraosseous odontogenic cysts was thus considered to be metaplastic in origin, but the cause and biological significance of this phenomenon is not certain.
The epithelial lining of gill filaments (PE) comprises abundant mucous cell (MC) as well as chloride cells (CC) while the secondary lamellar epithelium comprise pavement cell (PC), pillar cells (PI), blood capillaries (B) as well as few mucous cells (MC).
D, The ciliated columnar cells and interspersed mucous cells line the glandular or papillary surface.
Mucous cells were found in the lining of 11(23%) of radicular cysts and only 1(4.5%) of OKCs.
Fish with monogenean and other gill parasite infections exhibit epithelial hyperplasia and mucous cells in response to this aggression, with the latter resulting in increased mucus production.
(c) Cystic spaces lined by mucous cells (magnification 40x).
In the present study, BPIFA1 localized mainly in the cytoplasm of mucous cells in the primitive tubules of sublingual glands, although in one case the cytoplasm of myoepithelial and ductal cells of primitive acini was also positive.
The secretor gene encodes for enzymes (glycosyltransferases), which become activein mucin-secreting cells like goblet and mucous cells of mucous membranes and different glands, resulting in the secretion of the corresponding blood group antigens in the body fluids [8].
Gills: Histologically gills were composed of primary and secondary lamellae and mucous cells. Chloride cells are less in number or completely absent in fresh water teleosts.
Shrikhande and Sirsat (9) suggested that MC may result from dual capability of differentiation of the columnar cells into SCC or mucous cells. For Froehner and colleagues, (1) MC results in the epithelial carcinoma of the penis that undergoes metaplastic changes or arises from misplaced sweat glands to the penis.
Microscopic examination reveals cylindrical epithelium that partly contains mucous cells lines internal fibrous wall; epithelial cell contains cilia in some cases.
(1996) changes in the number and size of mucous cells and chloride cells may be an indicator of environmentally induced pathogenesis.