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Make a test core from each resin system and place them in a 900F (482C) muffle furnace for 10 min.
Eight tenders for the supply of (a) a shredding and sterilizing instrument for medical waste, (b) a near infra red grain analyzer, (c) a microwave reaction instrument, (d) a potentiostat galvanostat instrument, (e) three centrifuge instruments, (f) a muffle furnace of up to 1,800 C, (g) a similar furnace but up to 1,600 C, (h) a similar furnace but up to 1,200 C.
Standard AFS test methods for LOI on new and reclaimed sands, as well as clay combustibles in clay bonded sands, require a 2-hr ignition in a muffle furnace at 1800F (982C).
Tenders are invited for Microwave assisted muffle furnace as per specification no.
The LOI test uses a representative sample of dried molding sand placed within an open crucible and positioned in a muffle furnace set at 1800F until the sample achieves a constant weight.
A muffle furnace is heated to 900F and the heating chamber is allowed to soak at this temperature for at least an hour before running the test.