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Mujo Kukuruzovic: Well, here, it's this--"miserable captive" (suzanj
I came to see where their graves are,' said Mujo, now aged nine.
18) Where the Bosnians were primarily Muslims, Albanian Islam was much less deeply rooted, and ethnic identifications had began to displace religious identifications, particularly in the northern Albanian cycles of Mujo and Halil on which Kadare bases his fiction.
Mujo Velic's talent, for instance, was in changing the contours of his melodies by varying its motives, the scale notes, the mode of his tunes.
50 points out, however, that despite the understanding of the power of mujo or fate, primary interest of the author of Heike is in the struggles of human beings against overpowering situations and that there is no absolute fatalism which would nullify the significance of human activities.
Niko Gjini Edmond Budina Nina Gjini Yllka Mujo Goni Doci Bujar Asqeriu Lela Doci Violeta Trebicka Banushi Goni's Friend Ermela Teli Roberto Lulzim Zeqja Fatmir Naun Shundi Eda Gjini Adele Budina Caku Gerti Ferra Zarce Blendi Petriti Man Playing Pipe/Keli Vitmar Basha Arianna Eriona Kakeli Dini Lirjon Mille
Head of the Bosniak Caucus in the RS Council of Peoples, Mujo Hadziomerovic, called unreasonable the announcements about the additional firearms purchase of the entity police and the punishment of Bosniak officials in the RS because they express views that Milorad Dodik does not like.
dedicated to his community Mujo Colan with his wife Margaret
The Chairman of the Roma Committee at the BiH Council of Ministers, Mujo Fafulic, is grateful to international organizations and authorities in BiH (especially the ministry) for money allocated to address the problems of the Roma, but also says their problems still have not been solved.