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MULATTO. A person born of one white and one black parent. 7 Mass. R. 88; 2 Bailey, 558.

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In 1652, Leonor Ontiberos, a free Mulatta woman of about forty years in age, was a resident at a labor hacienda in San Martin where she was a seamstress.
As Bost notes: "Despite its ambivalent history, mestizaje is an enabling concept because it suggests ways in which race dynamics in the United States could be reexamined with greater attention to such contradictions" ( Mulattas and Mestizas 22).
the mulatta woman, who becomes the mistress of her own home, 2).
Properties of CD36 gene in seven taxa studied Properties of CD36 gene Taxa Chromosomal Total gene Total exon length location length (in bp) (in bp) Mus musculus 5 53681 3016 Rattus norvegicus 4 53743 2551 Pai: troglodytes 7 39392 2201 Macaca mulatta 3 53681 3016 Homo sapiens 7 74804 2048 Canis familiaris 18 32945 2267 Gallus gallus 1 43316 2331 Properties of CD36 gene Taxa No.
But Wilson, as a mulatta herself, does something her white counterparts do not: she shows the potential for action, however small, for the black child reading the book, a child who is an object without agency in much of the work by white abolitionists.
By a BLASTX search at the NCBI web site using the mRNA sequence of LOC534614, this gene represented a protein similar to myosin heavy chain, fast skeletal muscle, embryonic isoform 1 in the dog and myosin_1 (Myosin heavy chain D) (MHC D) in Macaca mulatta.
About 30 per cent of the zoo's 50 mulatta monkeys appear to be overweight - with the group's top five porkers weighing almost five stone.
The figures in the upper register are identified as: Hermit begging, Black woman with tray of sweets and bottle of water, Black women of the Rosary, Litter in which Americans are transported to their estates or farms, Black woman carrying dinner in a cuya, Young woman dancing 'lundu de bunda a cinta' and Mulatta receiving a letter from her mistress.
34) In her study, The Tragic Mulatta' Revisited, Eve Ralmon calls to mind the words of Etienne Balibar who claims laws such as these serve to ensure that the concept of 'peoplehood is not merely a construct but one which, in each particular instance, has constantly changing boundaries'; Raimon goes on to assert that 'A liminal figure like the mulatta, therefore, is well situated to reveal writers'--and therefore the culture's--'conflicted visions of national and racial exclusion and belonging'.
When he left, the Chinese mulatta said the black guy's a big windbag.
27) A creation of American feminist abolitionist Lydia Maria Child, the tragic mulatta figure became well known through Child's "The Quadroons," published in The Liberty Bell in 1842 (anthologized in her Fact and Fiction, 1846), and her "Slavery's Pleasant Homes" (1843).
He wasn't buying up them fancy mulatta women though.