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MULIER. A woman, a wife; sometimes it is used to designate a marriageable virgin, and in other cases the word mulier is employed in opposition to virgo. Poth. Pand. tom. 22, h.t. In its most proper signification, it means a wife.
     2. A son or a daughter, born of a lawful wife, is called filius mulieratus or filia mulierata, a son mulier, or a daughter mulier. The term is used always in contradistinction to a bastard; mulier being always legitimate. Co. Litt. 243.
     3. When a man has a bastard son, and afterwards marries the mother, and has by her another son, the latter is called the mulier puisne. 2 Bl. Com. 248.

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Dioclesianus regnavit, qui statuit pro lege, quod si mulier aliqua sub viro suo esset adulterata, occidi deberet.
Hic Mulier criticizes the exact kind of deportment for which Moll is famous: 'You have taken the monstrousness of deformity in apparel, exchanging the modest attire...
A este nivel la accion de cabalgar es practicada indistintamente al modo de mulier equitans y alla donde un hombre o animal hacen el papel de la dominadora.
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Caption: The "Keeping End-of-Life Equipment Going" production panel included (from left): Julius Neto, production and transportation director, Hartford Courant; Tom Riley, director of maintenance and facilities, Philadelphia Media Network; Dave Pressler, vice president of production, Houston Chronicle-, and moderator Dan Cropley, solutions manager for newspapers and commercial inserting, Mulier Martini.
nam mulier holitori numquam supplicat, si quast mala: domi habet hortum et condimenta ad omnis mores maleficos.
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(31) En el primer ingreso en la biblioteca junto con Guillermo, Adso sufre alucinaciones motivadas por el humo que despiden las hierbas colocadas por orden de Jorge para ahuyentar a los indeseables visitantes furtivos y es rescatado por aquel, que lo encuentra delirando frente a un ejemplar del Apocalipsis abierto en la pagina de la mulier amicta sole (cf.
Also, as a part of the creative strategy for the apparel and accessories business, Calvin Klein announced the appointment of Pieter Mulier as creative director, reporting directly to Simons.