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MULIER. A woman, a wife; sometimes it is used to designate a marriageable virgin, and in other cases the word mulier is employed in opposition to virgo. Poth. Pand. tom. 22, h.t. In its most proper signification, it means a wife.
     2. A son or a daughter, born of a lawful wife, is called filius mulieratus or filia mulierata, a son mulier, or a daughter mulier. The term is used always in contradistinction to a bastard; mulier being always legitimate. Co. Litt. 243.
     3. When a man has a bastard son, and afterwards marries the mother, and has by her another son, the latter is called the mulier puisne. 2 Bl. Com. 248.

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Hiera fuit, uxor Thelephi, mulier omnium (quas Prothesilaus vidit) maxima et pulcherrima.
4) See June Hall McCash's "The Mulier Mediatrix in the Deus Amanz of Marie de France.
In his new role, Mulier will be responsible for executing Simons' creative and design vision for men's and women's ready to wear, as well as the bridge and better apparel lines and accessories.
Peractis his considerationibus comprobabimus an mulier actrix hoc gravi discretionis iudicii defectu laboraverit.
36) As in its broader usage in Roman gendered invective, mollis becomes a term of unmanning and frequently a sexualized insult within the Epodes, directed against the speaker, the mulier of Epode 8, and against Roman men in general.
deinde iste homunculus, in postico stans, iste negat mulieres oportere tantam libertatem quantam viros habere, quod Christus non mulier esset
Overall, the collection advances our understanding of the dynamics and complexities women faced in acquiring and exercising spiritual authority, and highlights the creative ways through which individual women negotiated expectations and constraints in their efforts to claim an authoritative voice as a mulier religiosa.
Le quatrieme chapitre porte sur la femme mure dans l'album, <<Tota mulier in utero?