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Although this argument coincides with Western family therapy theories (Waters & Barrett, 2000), family therapy in the West is generally regarded as an adjunct to ERP, which plays an important but supportive role (Berg, Rapoport, & Wolff, 1989; March & Mulle, 1998; Turner, 2006).
When the enseignes are not explicitly marked, readers (or listeners) encounter la vache and la mulle not merely as proper names of Paris locales, but as a cow and a mule.
A good treatment manual, such as that by March and Mulle, (8) describes the stages of CBT for OCD in children.
March & Mulle, 1998; Piacentini, Jacobs, & Maidment, 1997), there are particular differences between this family-based treatment program for young children and current CBT programs for OCD in children and adolescents (see Table 1).
Rico Dalle Mulle was outstanding in both under-17 boys hurdles races.
Elixir Petroleum Limited (ASX: EXR) (AIM: ELP), a UK-based oil and gas exploration and production company, has announced an oil resource estimate for the Mulle Field located in Block 211/22b in the UK North Sea.
For example, in June of 1412, Katherine wife of John atte Mulle, who not only left her husband, but also wasted his goods, was sworn to stay and look after him on pain of 100s.
Giving up was never an option for Sal Mulle and his partner of 19 years, Johnny Cutrer, who have struggled to keep their restaurant, Two Jokers Grill, and its accompanying bar, the Masquerade, open in Metairie, north of downtown New Orleans.
Cut-offs generally used in evaluating the C/Y-BOCS total score are: (a) mild (10 to 18; distress but not necessarily functional impairment), (b) moderate (19 to 29; distress and functional impairment), and (c) severe (30 or above; severe distress and serious impairment; March & Mulle, 1998).
By teaching the client new ways of thinking and behaving, the counselor effectively disables a formidable genetic mechanism and successfully challenges its permanency (March & Mulle, 1996).
Kuid taolisest toest objektiivsemana paistab mulle statistika, sest see on ju fakt.
Ve como placense del cuerpo carnoso y de lo que de ahi cuelga y de lo que les mulle el sentar y de aquello que llena sus bocas.