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On behalf of our Board of Directors, our employees and the Senior Executive of Mullen Group, I thank Steve for his 10 years of dedication and service.
Jobless Mullen left his flat in Leith, Edinburgh, on July 6 last year for a far-right SDL march in Aberdeen.
Mullen downplayed his role on the team in recent interviews, calling himself "the shortest Tall Fir" and telling Register-Guard columnist George Schroeder in 2009 that "I was the end of the bench.
Mullen posed "a substantial danger to the entire community if released" and that no conditions of release would reasonably assure the public's safety.
Last night the Chronicle revealed Mullen, from South Shields, has vowed to clear his name after a key witness came forward for the first time this week, providing him with an alibi by insisting she was with him at the time of the shooting.
Mullen said his last visit to Turkey was in September 2008, noting that many changes had taken place since then.
Former offshore worker Mullen, who continued giving his evidence after a short break, is alleged to have gunned down Mr Hartley in a lay-by near Clayton West last September.
Mullen believes Tuesday's 2-2 draw at Leicester City will serve as a huge confidence boost.
Mullen was visiting the handful of animal shelters in Kosovo -- offering to help the few, undertrained local vets -- she was introduced to a pair of sick kittens.
Average net "move-in rates" for the quarter remained below three per month for assisted living, indicating room for improvement for properties that have been open less than 24 months, Mullen said.
Heroin addict, Mullen, 23, who spent three months with Prince William on an expedition to Chile in 2000, pleaded with the family to let him go.
Harryette Mullen currently enjoys a deserved reputation as a writer who is developing into a major figure in contemporary American poetry.