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The centrepiece of the Skoda all-wheel drive system is a fifth-generation electronically controlled multi-plate clutch.
A lighter multi-plate clutch mounted at the rear axle has the ability to transfer between 50 and 100 per cent of power to the rear wheels.
Optional on the 45 TFSI version, the new multi-plate clutch distributes power between the front and rear which canbe adjusted by the drive select system.
8Nm of torque, coupled with a five-speed constant mesh gearbox that uses a wet multi-plate clutch arrangement.
The all-wheel-drive system uses an electronically controlled multi-plate clutch positioned on the rear axle.
At the rear of the system a rear drive module drives each rear wheel via an independent wet multi-plate clutch.
0-litre V6 biturbo engine delivering 340 hp and also features an active all-wheel drive with an electronically controlled, map-controlled multi-plate clutch.
True to Audi RS tradition, quattro permanent all-wheel drive system underpins the RS Q3, in this case the version based on an electronically controlled multi-plate clutch positioned on the rear axle.
The Real Time AWD with the Intelligent Control System consists of the conventional front-wheel-drive system, a compact transfer case (hat distributes torque to a propeller shaft running the length of the vehicle, the rear differential, an electronically controlled hydraulic pump, a multi-plate clutch (similar to one in an automatic transmission), and left and right rear-wheel driveshafts.
The car uses an electronically-controlled multi-plate clutch to distribute torque between the front and rear axles.
4MOTION details - The multi-plate clutch system was integrated in the rear axle drive of the Tiguan.
Multi-plate clutch engagement allows for on-the-fly Mechanical Front Wheel Drive (MFWD) engagement-coupled with the limited-slip differential, the J-Series backhoe MFWD provides best-in-class tractive effort.

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