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A heuristic algorithm for building hopping multicast tree is proposed.
Results show that the present approach can resist DoS attack in multicast route effectively.
Multicast routing protocols sends the data from source to multiple destinations in a multicast group.
As video dissemination is estimated as common traffic pattern in future networks, the WiMAX standard describes service called MBS in the MAC layer to broadcast and to multicast.
EXPWAY delivers OTT content and files in a multicast mode over wireless networks.
The LTE Multicast Middleware controls the LTE modem, receives and decodes the LTE Multicast streams.
The rest of the paper is organized as follows: Section 2 presents the background information on MANETs, routing and multicast protocols.
A sample list of multicast applications includes: distance learning, collaborative and groupware applications, audio/video conferencing, stock quotes, news distribution and etc.
IP Multicast applications are generally broken up into three general categories.
The overlay multicast has an extensive coverage of application fields, including real time multimedia applications (such as web conferencing, IPTV, online broadcast and network classroom, etc.

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