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The entire group of jurors selected for a trial from which a smaller group is subsequently chosen to form a petit jury or a Grand Jury; the list of potential jurors.

Virtually all states have enacted statutes delineating requirements for jury service. In most states, convicted felons and insane persons cannot be jurors. Professional persons such as judicial and government officials, lawyers, ministers, and medical personnel may be exempted by statute from jury service.

As a general rule, a group of local officials acting within the statutory framework select the persons who will make up the array.


(Jury), noun body of jurors, good men and true, jurors, jurymen, panel, trier, trier of the facts
Associated concepts: challenge to the array, jury panel, venire


(Order), noun arrangement, assemblage, collocation, composition, comprehensiveness, course, design, display, disposition, disposure, due order, fixed order, formation, gamut, good order, gradation, layout, logical order, marshaling, method, methodology, multiplicity, multitude, organization, parade, pattern, perspective, placing, progression, range of choices, range of view, regularity, rule, schematic arrangement, scope, sequence, series, show, sight, state of order, strict order, subordination, systematization, unbroken order, uniformity


verb accouter, arrange, attire, deploy, display, dispose, draw up, enhance, enrich, file, fix, group, marshal, orchestrate, order, rank, sequence, set in order, sort
See also: arrange, arrangement, assemblage, band, chain, clothe, collection, composition, conglomeration, disposition, distribute, embellish, file, fix, form, formation, jury, marshal, order, selection, sequence, sort


a panel of jurors; to draw up a panel of jurors.

ARRAY, practice. The whole body of jurors summoned to attend a court, as they are arrayed or arranged on the panel. Vide Challenges, and Dane's Ab. Index, h.t.; 1 Chit. Cr. Law, 536; Com. Dig. Challenge, B.

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We needed an OLAP architecture that could access all of the data kept in relational tables, while providing the speed advantages of storing some of the summary data in multidimensional arrays.
The Synplify Pro software also includes new enhancements to the compiler including support for Multidimensional Arrays in Verilog 2001.
The newest version released in March 1999 includes support for compilation of new MATLAB 5 data structures, such as multidimensional arrays, sparse structures, and cell arrays; M-files containing calls to arbitrary C and C++ routines; and multiple M language features such as switch/case.

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