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in English law, aiding and abetting is the helping in some way of the principal offender. It is in itself a crime but depends upon some earlier communication between the parties. See, for Scotland, ART AND PART.
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governments to justify bilateral rather than multilateral aid to their
multilateral aid. (20) There are different advantages to each approach.
While IDA assistance has decreased as a percentage of overall multilateral aid, for the poorest countries (those eligible to receive IDA assistance), IDA remains the largest provider of multilateral ODA.
Most important forms of foreign aid have been development assistance and emergency relief; state and voluntary aid; financial, technical and commodity assistance including food aid; assistance in the form of grants and loans; bilateral and multilateral aid and programme and project aid.27 The rest of the paper explores these different trends in foreign aid.
Like governments, multilateral aid institutions can suffer from central-planning paralysis, which makes it difficult to isolate mistakes and find ways to better serve their "clients."
What have we learned about the implementation of a human rights approach to development in practice, and how can governments and bilateral and multilateral aid organizations strengthen this approach going forward?
By extending invite to US to help develop a hydroelectric dam on the Congo River, China demonstrates keen interest in multilateral aid projects
Despite political constraints, it is thus no surprise that almost all these countries had to reform energy subsidies, for some in part along with multilateral aid.
including both bilateral and multilateral aid. The law also said that
The Fund for the Development of the Indigenous Peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean, commonly known as the Indigenous Fund, was set up during the Second Ibero-American Summit in Madrid in 1992 as a multilateral aid agency for the promotion of indigenous rights and development.
For 2013, real gross domestic product in the area as a whole, not including Japan, is expected to grow 8.0 percent, the Washington-based multilateral aid agency said in a report.

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