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Mr Kokans said: "We are delighted to have earned this Extra Mile award from Multipart.
Multipart Fleetserve delivers a proactive and flexible approach to solving all of our customers' issues and develops effective partnerships through building strong working relationships.
This is part two of the JofA's multipart series about a major development initiative at Meyners and Co.
The multipart introduction includes a biography of Vives, notes on the context, content, and translation of Vives' Latin original, and a history of the multiple sixteenth-century editions.
Code-named Unity, the project will see repairers asked to sourceparts from Lex Multipart sites in Chorley and Coleshill.
HTML and Multipart (MIME) message capability support allows users to include formatted text, HTML, attached files and embedded objects to mails which are viewable regardless of the type of mail client used.
The primary external move is to position a multipart graphic of the letters 'M, 'o', 'M' and 'A' painted in white onto rooftop equipment painted black.
Although the Federal Transit Administration has limited authority to oversee and regulate transit security, it launched a multipart security initiative and increased funding for its safety and security activities since September 11.
In addition, researchers often issue multipart queries that must access several different databases, yet must return a unified answer.
0 Professional and manual, service-level agreements, multipart work orders for project management, and spell checker.
Creating a succession plan is a multipart process by which a company's founder maps out the cross-generational transfer of ownership, management and wealth of the business.