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In the first chapter, Koco necessarily goes into the historical backdrop to the question at hand, situating Albanian culture in relation to the Roman and post-Roman periods and ending with a typically provocative question: "Alter all, is it not fascinating that these possibly archaic multipart styles are still preserved and may roughly and symbolically define the ex-Roman Epiri borders?
The main focus of the new release has been on usability and compatibility improvements for multipart archives, offering the customer the best solution to archive, compress and secure their personal data.
This large-scale installation, located in a building once used for prison labor, featured a contemporary version of the traditional Chinese "dragon kite," a large multipart kite handmade by Chinese artisans in collaboration with Ai's studio.
The multipart system is designed to transport the basin's crude oil and condensate to multiple downstream markets across the U.
quantitative research designs and methods, motivations for using mixed methods, and the sequential priorities model, followed by four basic designs for research projects and additional issues like multipart sequential designs and finding the expertise to combine multiple methods.
This will be the first release in what's expected to become a multipart standard that provides requirements as well as guidance.
Todd Heywood's multipart feature on the criminalization of HIV sparked impassioned commentary from our readers both in support of such laws and those who say these measures are discriminatory.
Lacking the dynamic immediacy of "Tahrir: Liberation Square" or the scope of the multipart "Tahrir 2011," Fredrik Stanton's film--with its eyewitness testimony, well-edited cell-phone footage, euphoric young leaders, cautious elder statesmen, and awestruck journalists and foreign onlookers--often feels more like extended television reportage than feature documentary engagement.
Building on I Am Number Four, this multipart novel explores Numbers Six and Nine, and the fallen of the Garde, a group of children from the planet Lorien who have special gifts.
ECOTRONIC has lit up the aisles for Multipart Logistics.
Moreover, a multipart stage for removing the impurities seen in the carbon nanotubes is considered," he added.
LDV dealer F&G Commercials Ltd, based at Leeds Road, Bradley, has been presented with a special Extra Mile award by parts distribution company Multipart for the support provided to LDV customers over the past 12 months.