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In our multivariate analysis, however, the transfer of cryopreserved-thawed embryos was the only variable associated with wanting multiple pregnancies (36.4%).
* Its aetiology is unknown, but it is more common in the third trimester and in multiple pregnancies.
A woman with multiple pregnancies requires close monitoring and more frequent ultrasounds to check fetal growth.
Conclusion: The fact that there was no difference in the rate of hospitalization, time of hospitalization, frequency of follow-up in the intensive care unit, rates of congenital anomaly and rehospitalization was attributed to the fact that the study and control groups were composed of only multiple pregnancies and preterms.
Foetomaternal health outcomes of multiple pregnancies influence healthcare costs and quality of life for parents and children.11 Complications associated with twin pregnancy result form exaggerated physiological response, over-distension of uterus, hyperplacentosis and unique problems posed by monochorionic placentation.
Tonight, the midwives are dealing with a spate of multiple pregnancies. There's Carolyne and Gordon, who already have four babies and turn out to be expecting another three.
Twins and higher order multiple pregnancies are more often conceived than born3.
Use of double embryo transfer (DET) has increased, significantly reducing the likelihood of high-order multiple pregnancies associated with ART but producing no change in the twin pregnancy rate (FIGURE).
In addition to cost benefits, the INVOcell device and procedure allows for the processing of significantly fewer eggs from patients, reducing the occurrence of multiple pregnancies.
TINY "heartbeats" within fertilised human eggs could hold the key to more successful IVF treatment and fewer multiple pregnancies, Welsh scientists have found.
New technologies used at the hospital include a "blastocyst culture" which has resulted in improved IVF success rates and reduced multiple pregnancies.

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