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Contiki supplies to developers an optional multithreading library.
Years of teaching and training university students and professional embedded developers have culminated in the lessons offered in this comprehensive text on real-time multithreading," commented Dr.
The ease of designing in more thread contexts on an SMT (relative to adding more processors on an MP) allows simultaneous multithreading to expose more thread-level parallelism, further increasing functional unit utilization and attaining a 52% average speedup (versus a four-processor, single-chip multiprocessor with comparable execution resources).
This enables developers to write thread-safe code without an expert knowledge of multithreading.
It has features that simplify development of large or complex applications and offers unrivaled support for applications that use message passing, multithreading, OpenMP and other parallel programming techniques that enable applications on both distributed memory and shared memory multiprocessor computers.
Also at the event, Compaq Computer Corp will detail its plans to add simultaneous multithreading in the future Alpha EV8 processor.
With multithreading, distributed computing tools, graphical differencing tools, and instrument wizards to set them all up, LabVIEW 5.
NET controls, the Form class, drawing with GDI+, data binding, the WebBrowser control, validation events, document interfaces, multithreading, help systems, skinned forms, and animated buttons.
It offers advanced multithreading and support for symmetric multiprocessing, giving organizations moving to Web-based computing the ability to handle an increased number of network transactions.
0 has uses multithreading support for enhanced data transfer, a new user interface designed to make navigation and administration easier, and "metaconnectors" that enable communications between Domino and back-end systems, making it easier to log in to enterprise information resources and monitor data flow.