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Lamie observes, much of the success of a real-time implementation hinges on the relative simplicity and robust multithreading capabilities of the RTOS and the reference platform.
Industry Support for UltraSPARC Multithreading Leadership
The Booch Components, developed by designer Grady Booch and marketed exclusively by Rational Software Corporation, are a collection of reusable C++ software components with sophisticated multithreading technology.
Thirty-one papers from the June 2006 symposium report new developments in cache design, interconnection networks, memory models, power management, security and network processors, multithreading, and data flow.
This new Version of LMDS takes advantage of the multithreading and 32 bit addressing features of Windows NT.
The TotalView debugger, running it its own window, contains all the features found in TotalView launched from the command line - such as advanced MPI and multithreading support, as well as an interactive memory debugger.
Intended for experienced software developers, this guide walks through object-oriented programming with Visual Basic, the graphical user interface, multithreading, strings, characters, and graphics.
Multitasking, Multithreading, 32-Bit Processing, and Client-Server
To further accelerate the design cycle and provide the highest capacity, Talus leverages multithreading and distributed processing, allowing users to implement very large designs in just two days.