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THREAD. A figurative expression used to signify the central line of a stream or water course. Harg. Tracts, 5; 4 Mason's Rep. 397; Holt's R. 490. Vide Filum aguae; Island; Water course; River.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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"Traditional multithreading implementations could triple the code length of an application," says Pringle.
On shared-memory multiprocessors, OS-based multithreading has another advantage: different threads of a process can execute concurrently on different processors.
In multithreading, several threads are part of the same virtual address space and they share code, files and data in both virtual and physical mapping.
The CPU implementation is our own, including the multithreading. Intensity rescaling and median filtering use ITK's CPU-based implementation.
Multi-Core Programming: Increasing Performance through Software Multithreading. 1st Edn., Intel Press, ISBN: 13: 978-0976483243, pp: 360.
In 2018 IBM plans to releaseserverswith a version of the Power9 tuned for AIX and System i, with SMT8 eight-way multithreading and PowerVM virtualisation, topping out at 12 cores but likely running at faster clock speeds.
It is also AMD's very first processor with simultaneous multithreading (Intel calls this Hyper-Threading).
In order to enable multitasking, Contiki provides to users a preemptive multithreading module that allows the management of multiple threads.
KARIYA, JAPAN, Nov 14, 2016 - (JCN Newswire) - DENSO Corporation today announced that it and Imagination Technologies (LSE: IMG) (hereinafter "Imagination"), headquartered in Hertfordshire, UK, are undertaking joint research on hardware multithreading that enables a processor (CPU) to execute multiple processes concurrently.
The MSparc architecture presented in [13] is a custom processor based on block multithreading, designed to support architectural requirements for real-time systems.
The source post notes that terrain loading happens much faster due to the introduction of multithreading in the game's graphics files.