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MUNERA. The name given to grants made in the early feudal ages, which were mere tenancies at will, or during the pleasure of the grantor. Dalr. Feud. 198, 199; Wright on Ten. 19.

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Better saith he, qui finem vitae extremum inter munera ponat naturae.
This presents a narrow application of the sensus fidelium and denies the creative overlap among the tria munera of Christ, in which the whole people participates.
Another study by Munera Abdulrahman showed that 49.
com/2014/06/20/miley-cyrus-sex-tape-fan-reveals-shocking-truth/) Hollywood Life , Miley Cyrus' interaction with her fan, Munera on Tumblr cleared Miley's sex tape rumors.
mutos enim nasci et egere omni ratione satius fuisset quam prouidentiae munera in mutuam perniciem convertere" (12.
Saylor elucidates a number of the Cena's references to munera (i.
Claudia Munera (Nicaragua): "Biocultural design" as a framework to identify sustainability issues in Rio San Juan Bisosphere Reserve and Fortress of the Immaculate Conception, Nicaragua.
Saoud Jassim al-Kuwari, Ibrahim al-Emadi, Fatima Radwani, Munera Radwani, Aboubakr Bayoumi, Kholoud al-Abdullah, Mouza al-Baker, Vanina Ekamba, Kosisichukwu Bob-Ume and Shams Uz Zaman were handed their certificates by The Torch General Manager, Gerhard Foltin.
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Among his topics are ecclesiology as communication in the modern era, mass media and the munera revisited, and toward a pragmatics of Vatican teaching.