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MUNERA. The name given to grants made in the early feudal ages, which were mere tenancies at will, or during the pleasure of the grantor. Dalr. Feud. 198, 199; Wright on Ten. 19.

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Better saith he, qui finem vitae extremum inter munera ponat naturae.
'Munera Pulveris' (The Rewards of the Dust--an attack on materialistic political economy), and 'Fors Clavigera' (Fortune the Key-Bearer), the latter a series of letters to workingmen extending over many years.
Munera Sheikh-Mao, 19, achieved a stunning 3As in English, Religious Studies, and Politics at Kensington Aldridge Academy, despite being diagnosed with cancer in her first year of study.
Contract Awarded for Lease of the real estate "municipal ship located on plot 15 and 16 of the munera industrial estate".
Speakers included Reham Thawabi, AGM and head of Branch Network of Commercial Bank of Qatar; Munera al Dosari, chief strategy officer at Ooredoo Qatar; Rasha al Sulaiti, entrepreneur, and Dr Suhur Saeed, senior environmental scientist at ExxonMobil Research Qatar (EMRQ).
The speakers were Reham Thawabi, AGM and head of Branch Network, Commercial Bank; Munera al-Dosari, chief strategy officer, Ooredoo Qatar; Rasha al-Sulaiti, entrepreneur; and Dr Suhur Saeed, senior environmental scientist, ExxonMobil Research Qatar.
MONTAN, A., <<Ministeria, munera, officia>>.
<<One primary reference of the word is to the triple munera of Christ as priest, prophet, and king (12).
The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) also arrested Munera Patag, Aisa Sailila and Samera Makot, who were identified as the ones maintaining the facilities for the women and girls, who were recruited to work in the Middle East by Happy World Resource Recruitment Agency.
Aqui consideramos el aporte del Concilio, que situa la salvacion en la libre decision de realizar la voluntad divina con buenas obras; amar es ayudar a los demas, segun lo pida la conciencia, desde su propio contexto historico y circunstancial, tal como lo muestra el teologo jesuita Munera (2015).
I am Andy Munera, and I am a Dragon Soldier--Competent, Brave, Ready, and ON- point for our Nation.