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MUNERA. The name given to grants made in the early feudal ages, which were mere tenancies at will, or during the pleasure of the grantor. Dalr. Feud. 198, 199; Wright on Ten. 19.

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Better saith he, qui finem vitae extremum inter munera ponat naturae.
Tenders are invited for Bhasishakhut khash to ram pur and dhangata to munera marg lot no 08
Resultantly, a 5-years-old-girl Munera daughter of Gul Sher Khaskheli died on the spot due to serious wounds while her three sisters Humera, Naseera and Aisha sustained serious wounds.
A student of the university, Helena Munera tweeted saying, "Those who think that @upbcolombia we are fighting for our right to wear skirts or necklines are very wrong.
Lastly, Munera Al-Dosari, a local entrepreneur who is also the co-founder of Girnaas games and the co-founder of Magaza and Airlift discussed what her biggest challenges were when launching her own creative business ideas and her advice on having a reputational strategy in place in order to promote businesses, but also protect them.
Munera al-Dosari, co-founder of Girnaas games and the co-founder of Magaza and Airlift, said women bring different perspectives and approaches to business, resulting in a more inclusive workplace.
The researchers -- including Jorge Munera, PhD, first author and postdoctoral fellow in the Wells laboratory -- note in their current paper the colon has been more difficult to generate than other parts of the GI tract.
Dicha compensacion que en origen se establecio como una especie de forzado alquiler, en palabras de Kolb (33), desaparecera conforme se avanza en la consolidacion y desarrollo del cursus publicus, siendo sostenido este fundamentalmente por las ciudades mediante munera publica.
Presenta asi al ministro como pastor, predicador y liturgo, que debe ejercer su ministerio ejercitando estos tres munera Christi.
Other than mentioning in passing the threefold munera of the priest, the focus of priesthood in our own era perseveres to be defined primarily as a sacramental ministry, with little notice given to the ministry of either Word or governance.
Gerard Munera and Bob Gayton have voluntarily stepped down as directors of the company.
Sobre todo en aquellas areas que describen y especifican mas acabadamente los munera Christi--, el derecho-deber a la palabra de Dios y a los sacramentos (cc.