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PARK, Eng. law. An enclosed chase (q.v.) extending only over a man's own grounds. The term park signifies an enclosure. 2 Bl. Com. 38.

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Mungo Park was his first winner in 340 days, and while he said he has never lost faith in his own ability he admitted that keeping his head right was a battle.
He takes us through the lives of Joseph Banks (Royal Society), William Herschel (astronomer, philosopher), Mungo Park (explorer), Humphry Davy (chemist), Mary Shelley (author of Frankenstein), among others.
The University of Cambridge invited Mungo Park, Chairman of Innovator Capital, founder of CleanEquity, to judge the University Entrepreneurs Challenge 2008.
Mungo Park was a Scottish doctor and botanist tasked by the Association for Promoting the Discovery of the Interior Parts of Africa (later known as the Africa Association) to trace the course of the river Niger and gather information on the relatively unknown city of Timbuktu.
Mungo Park, Open Champion in 1874 and club pro at Alnmouth, designed a layout for the course, which cost pounds 27 to create.
Christian Velten, 28, vanished as he retraced the route taken by Scots explorer Mungo Park more than 200 years ago.
45 1 RITA'S ROCK APE S Carson 6-1; 2 Bells Beach (IRE) C Catlin 20-1; 2 Mungo Park J Fortune 11-2 Fav; 11 ran.
Mungo Park is not an easy horse to hit on the right day, but ran well at Newmarket last time out, finishing a place in front of Como.
He showed that he was returning to form when failing by just half a length behind Mungo Park in a 19-runner field at Beverley and looks the pick of the Seaways Handicap.
You'll also meet explorers you might not have heard of, like Ibn Battuta or Mungo Park, or even an explorer named Henry the Navigator who never left home.
com) features the reservations and air fares side, while Mungo Park (http://mungopark.
Mungo Park "took" one song down in Africa (the inaccuracy of notation was notorious amongst Europeans) and sent it to the Duchess of Devonshire, who promptly conformed it to the popular rhyme, and tampered with its natural phrasing.