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The first question is, do we want it to remain under municipal ownership, or is it something we want to get off our books and put into a private investor's hands?
When there is no municipal ownership of the electric system, average solid waste cost per collection at a residential site is significantly lower, ranging from 21% to 22%, than when there is a municipal ownership, probably because electric systems produce solid waste during electricity generation, transmission, and delivery.
Significantly, her father Nikolai Ouroumov is chairperson of SAC's third section which reviews all cases under the Municipal Ownership Act.
Thompson and Herbert Gutman, Morrison wanted to learn more about the divisions among members of Thunder Bay's Finnish community; this focus later broadened to include organized and unorganized workers, municipal ownership issues, labour politics, the Social Gospel, socialism, and the city's diverse ethnic groups.
5-acre tract in North Little Rock is under municipal ownership after a $913,000 deal.
Such is classification of owners in analysis of Russian corporations where Guriev and Rachinsky (2003) define as: state owned, municipal ownership, large private owners and other private owners.
Currently Latvia does not have a law that regulates residential dwelling management, despite the fact that it is fraught with issues--particularly as a result of the transfer of such premises from state and municipal ownership to private ownership.
This comprehensive granting of property rights to local governments made transfer of urban land into municipal ownership substantially easier than, for instance, in Russia where a similar transfer requires site-by-site approval by regional branches of the central government agency.
It will be some turnaround for the loss making business which was privatised as far back as 1990 after years of municipal ownership.
Municipal ownership of Middlefield is "a win-win deal" for Cottage Grove's taxpayers, Meyers said.
Despite many decades of municipal ownership, the reality is that huge sums are required to bring council homes up to the Assembly Government standard.
Municipal ownership of drill rigs also increased last year to 6.

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