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MUNICIPALITY. The body of officers, taken collectively, belonging to a city, who are appointed to manage its affairs and defend its interests.

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Mayor BogdanoviA stressed that this was the second municipality with which a fraternization procedure has been initiated, the first being a municipality in Istanbul, Turkey.
The civic body recently signed a partnership agreement with Emirates airlines on offers and privileges for municipality employees and their families, it said in a press release on Monday.
Best in Musicality: 1st - Lanao del Norte; 2nd - Lumad Basakanon; 3rd - Municipality of Asturias; 4th - Catbalogan City; 5th - Dumaguete City;
We will turn to municipalities which, due to demographic tendencies have excess social infrastructure, so that no municipality feels harmed or overtaken by another.
From Centar Municipality doubt that Albanian monuments placed on Skopje square might have been placed by Cair Municipality, and Mayor of Centar Municipality, Andrej Zernovski stated that he engaged inspectors to investigate these activities.
Summary: The municipality also recruited three disabled employees last year, bringing the total number of disabled staff to 18.
Nicosia municipality said on Wednesday it was axing all services for traffic lights maintenance to other municipalities as of January 1, as it was owed e1/4400,000 for unpaid services.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- The Kocaeli Municipality has been ranked first among municipalities with the highest debt, amounting to TL 5.
PULIKHUMRI (Pajhwok): The Municipality of Pul-I-khumri, the provincial capital of the northeastern Baghlan province, recorded a $3 million deficit in its revenue.
As regards the area, municipality KoAevje was the largest with 555 km2 and municipality Odranci the smallest with 7 km2.
A general relationship between size and economic efficiency of service provision for all public services is therefore impossible to describe, and an optimal size for a municipality that provides various public services is rendered impossible to calculate.
Manama, May 5th (BNA) -- Manama Municipality starts to demolish the abandoned and ramshackle buildings in Manama, in implementation of the Monitoring Committee for Abandoned and Ramshackle buildings' decisions, in coordination with the Gulf Company and with cooperation with the concerned government institutions.