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The Mura Network API and the lower level C/C++ style DWC API are now available todevelopers.
The first PCI Express x16 Gen2 board class to cost-effectively integrate multiple HD inputs and outputs on the same board, Mura MPX eliminates the need for separate solutions with a multi-functional design facilitating video capture, signal conversion, switching, scaling, and display.
We saw in our dreams that Mura was a witch and we killed him in accordance with the desires of Goddess Kali," a villager later (http://timesofindia.
Lazio represent a major step up in class for Mura and judging by the squad Vladimir Petkovic had named the Italians appear to be treating this competition with respect.
On June 16 Karen Palmer was attending a sales meeting in Deltona Realty's office at The Shoppes of Mura Bella when she was arrested for having a big heart.
One hundred and 11 kilometres of "Europe's Amazon", comprising parts of the natural meandering river stretches of the Danube, Drava and Mura rivers in Croatia could be channelled in a way that would destroy Europe's largest river protected area without bringing any real economic benefit to the region.
SLOVENIAN outfit Mura have revealed that Birmingham are keen on their teenage talent Mitja Lotric.
In his book Gemba Kaizen, A common sense approach to Management (McGraw-Hill, 1997), Masaaki Imai defines mura as "irregularity or variability.
The police said while Ramdas Mura Kunjami ( 32) of Kiyer village failed to return money he had borrowed from the Maoists for his " treatment", Chhorna Gatti Aalami ( 40) of Halwer refused to tell the rebels the location of a " trove of cash" hidden by one of their slain commanders on a hillock.
In this first book-length history of MURA, former MURA staff Jones, Mills, Sessler, Symon, and Young examine the motivations for creating the association and how the joint activity was accomplished, the interaction between MURA and the Atomic Energy Commission and its Argonne National Laboratory, the technical accomplishments of the Midwestern group, and the impact of their advances on research in subsequent years.
Around 81 Ethiopian immigrants, known as Falasha Mura arrived early Tuesday to Israel, the paper said.
CDATA[ Hundreds of Ethiopian Jews demonstrated outside the PM's office, demanding: "Bring to Israel the 20,000 Falash Mura stuck in Ethiopian camps.