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MURAGE. A toll formerly levied in England for repairing or building public walls.

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36 The medieval tax of murage raised money to build or repair what?
With the rain changing the going yesterday, the bookies got off to a flyer when 25-1 shot Musical Murage won the opening juvenile event with the odds-on favourite Love on Sight totally eclipsed.
The citizens of Coventry sat safely within the walls of their city and paid a tax for its upkeep called the Murage Tax (after the Latin murus, meaning wall).
As well as strong support from within Kenya Railways, the project has been supported by key players within government, including George Mitine, who heads the privatisation unit in the Ministry of Finance, and the permanent secretary in the Ministry of Transport, Stanley Murage.
Jane Murage, 21, Royersford, NJ, led the women's division, coming in at 36 minutes and 59 seconds.