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MURAGE. A toll formerly levied in England for repairing or building public walls.

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Further, tolls for murage brought in small amounts of money, particularly for the size of the projects.
Murage, Information and Belief Pleading Under the Reform Act, 8 SEC.
The citizens of Coventry sat safely within the walls of their city and paid a tax for its upkeep called the Murage Tax (after the Latin murus, meaning wall).
As well as strong support from within Kenya Railways, the project has been supported by key players within government, including George Mitine, who heads the privatisation unit in the Ministry of Finance, and the permanent secretary in the Ministry of Transport, Stanley Murage.
Some of her principal sources are the lists of Exeter residents who were assessed for murage and poll taxes in 1377, the records of the three borough courts, and the records of Exeter debt cases heard in Westminster in the courts of Chancery and Common Pleas.
On the morning of October 21, 1956, Tiras Kimathi Murage hurried to Kahiagaini centre in Tetu, Nyeri County.
Murage AW, Midega CAO, Pittchar JO, Pickett JA and ZR Khan Determinants of adoption of climate-smart push-pull technology for enhanced food security through integrated pest management in eastern Africa.
Jeff Murage, the SUNREF project coordinator, said nearly $6.
Griffins Murage, six, lives in slum conditions with his mother, grandmother and two HIV+ cousins who have been orphaned by AIDS.
Magistrate Mary Murage had revoked the popular club's permit pending the case on loud music.
Murage AW, Amudavi DM, Obare G, Chianu J, Midega CAO, Pickett JA and ZR Khan Determining Smallholder Farmers' Preferences for Technology Dissemination Pathways: The case of "Push-Pull" Technology in the Control of Stemborer and Striga in Kenya.