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MURAGE. A toll formerly levied in England for repairing or building public walls.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Therefore, the banks slowed down their lending activity," says Murage. "Banks have ramped up their investment in government securities significantly in order to adapt to the current regulatory climate."
(8) For example, murage grants gave a town the right to take a toll on goods and apply the funds to the construction and repair of walls and fortifications.
Thanks to electronic editions from Wenlin and Murage and other licensees, not to mention closely related materials found on free websites of all sorts, the ABC Dictionary and its contents are now the most widely distributed American dictionary of Chinese.
36 The medieval tax of murage raised money to build or repair what?
With the rain changing the going yesterday, the bookies got off to a flyer when 25-1 shot Musical Murage won the opening juvenile event with the odds-on favourite Love on Sight totally eclipsed.
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The citizens of Coventry sat safely within the walls of their city and paid a tax for its upkeep called the Murage Tax (after the Latin murus, meaning wall).
Some of her principal sources are the lists of Exeter residents who were assessed for murage and poll taxes in 1377, the records of the three borough courts, and the records of Exeter debt cases heard in Westminster in the courts of Chancery and Common Pleas.
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