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In order to explore in depth the Sansei's formation of their ethnic American identity as a balancing act between diverse Japanese and American cultures, we shall focus on a case in point--the writer David Mura and his book entitled Turning Japanese: Memoirs of a Sansei (1991).
Arriving in Japan as a self-identified American, Mura is compelled to recover his connection with his family's homeland that had been missing during his midwestern childhood.
In the Muras Cup, three changes allowed Tom Carver of Forest Hall, Brian Rootham of Northern Electric and George Parker of Blyth Excelsior to make their debuts.
Harvey said: "We won our Muras match in great style.
The Muras win over Yorkshire at St George's in Morpeth means Northumberland have clinched that prize for the second time in three years.
Portland's George Watson, called up at the last minute last weekend to replace Adam Trinder, keeps his place in the team after a good performance in the Muras competition.
Tom Birdsey and Steve Cairns, left out of the side last Saturday, return for the Muras Cup match, but Paul Ging is not available.
He said: "Durham beat us in the Muras last year so we wanted revenge and we got it.
The Muras game is at Spennymoor while the Alsop showdown is at Stockton.
Northumberland ( Muras Cup: C W Boyle, A Johnson, C W Watson, S A Lant; M London, S Richardson, Mrtn Cooper, S Harvey; R Turnbull, J Hume, N Harris, T Kempster; T Birdsey, K Rowe, J Cleverley, S Birdsey; S Tennant, R Keir, B Houghton, K Jameson; S Proctor, S Cairns, I Spoor, P Duffy.
BOWLS: Northumberland start their defence of the Muras and Alsop Cups with a double derby date against Durham on Saturday.
Muras Cup: M London, R Horsfall, B Houghton, S Harvey; C Boyle, A Johnson, G Watson, S Lant; R Chisholm, R Keir, C Cooper, Karl Jameson; S Proctor, S Richardson, N Harris, T Kempster; P Ging, A Trinder, J Cleverley, S Birdsey; S Tennant, R Dougal, P Duffy, R Train.