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Karuna's lead program, KarXT, is a product candidate consisting of xanomeline, a novel clinical-stage muscarinic acetylcholine receptor agonist (activator) that has demonstrated efficacy in reducing psychosis and improving cognition in placebo-controlled human trials, and trospium chloride, an FDA-approved and well-established muscarinic receptor antagonist (blocker) that studies have shown does not enter the central nervous system.
During normal bladder function, acetylcholine released from parasympathetic nerves activates muscarinic receptors in this organ, causing detrusor contraction and resultant micturition.
It has been reported that anisodamine, a widely prescribed muscarinic receptor antagonist, could exert antiflammatory effects through upregulating [beta]-arrestin-1 (26).
Evidence from an animal model has shown that chronic administration of antimuscarinic agents (oxybutynin or fesoterodine) leads to loss of muscarinic receptor efficiency and induces a shift from muscarinic to purinergic transmission.
Due to similar density and pharmacological characteristics of the muscarinic receptors in porcine and human bladder tissue (Sellers and McKay 2007), the consistency of electrical properties of detrusor smooth muscle from the porcine and human urinary bladder (Hashitani and Brading 2003), and good accessibility of porcine bladders, we decided to carry out the contractility experiments on porcine detrusor strips.
Comparison of the effects of a selective muscarinic receptor antagonist and hyoscine (scopolamine) on motion sickness, skin conductance and heart rate.
These mice lack a certain so-called muscarinic receptor, a protein on nerve cells that responds to the signal chemical acetylcholine.
57) Atropine, a muscarinic receptor antagonist, has been found to inhibit accommodation and also to inhibit the progression of myopia in both animal models of myopia and humans.
In our previous work we proposed that the fluidity of detergent micelles plays an important role in muscarinic receptor solubilization, as we found digitonin, the best solubilizer of mAChR, to form highly rigid micelles in comparison with all other detergents studied [9].
An embryonic whole organ culture system has been developed to determine whether the muscarinic receptor for the chick pancreatic cells is functionally similar to the mammalian muscarinic receptors.
Almirall's respiratory franchise is complemented by aclidinium bromide, a long-acting inhaled muscarinic receptor antagonist (LAMA) for COPD.