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Lymphangioma or hemangioma) and muscular hypertrophy (e.
65) considered the effects of either strength (S) or combination (C) regimes on muscular hypertrophy.
11,15,16) The muscular hypertrophy (calf) and muscle weakness were observed on physical examination in our patient.
4,5) Zachariades et al reported two cases where vascular lesion gradually subsided to a residual muscular hypertrophy.
In the study patients, automated machine guidance coupled with visual inspection of areas of maximum muscular hypertrophy determined initial needle placement.
Idiopathic muscular hypertrophy of the gastrointestinal tract is a very rare condition of unknown aetiology with no predisposing factors.
of California, San Francisco) and Clapham (neurobiology and pediatrics, Harvard Medical School) have chosen asthma as the focus of the Special Topic section, and many of the articles describe inflammation, immunity, muscular hypertrophy and immune responses of this condition.
Syndrome of diffuse muscular hypertrophy in infants causing athletic appearance: its connection with congenital myxedema.
ABSTRACT : The myostatin gene of seven important meat (Beltex (Australia), Beltex x Huyang (F1), Meat and Multi-Prolific Chinese Merino Fine Wool, Meat Chinese Merino Fine Wool and Dorper (South Africa)) and non-meat (Huyang and Kazak) sheep breeds was analyzed to study the genetic basis of muscular hypertrophy (double muscling) phenotype in sheep.
She had a characteristic phenotype, with lipoatrophy affecting both trunk and limbs, prognatism, salient orbital ridges, enlarged hands and feet and muscular hypertrophy (Fig.
This process leads to inflammation and muscular hypertrophy within the ileal wall.