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in the family law of Scotland, usually a parent who has responsibility to act with a minor in his affairs. The Age of Legal Capacity (Scotland) Act 1991 has practically replaced the term with the guardian, who has responsibility for children under 16 who, under the Act, cannot contract without his consent save in exceptional circumstances set out in the Act.

CURATOR, persons, contracts. One who has been legally appointed to take care of the interests of one who, on account of his youth, or defect of his understanding, or for some other cause, is unable to attend to them himself.
     2. There are curators ad bona, of property, who administer the estate of a minor, take care of his person, and intervene in all his contracts; curators ad litem, of suits, who assist the minor in courts of justice, and act as curator ad bona in cases where the interests of the curator are opposed to the interests of the minor. Civ. Code of Louis. art. 357 to 366. There are also curators of insane persons Id. art. 31; and of vacant successions and absent heirs. Id. art. 1105 to 1125.
     3. The term curator is usually employed in the civil law, for that of guardian.

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Museum curators have an essential role to play in preserving and enhancing enjoyment and understanding of our history and heritage
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FLYING THE FLAG: The most famous banner in Liverpool FC history - LFC Museum curator Stephen Done pictured right with Paul Cummings whose dad Jimmy created the banner.
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Museum curator Josie Sutherland said that while other species had been successfully bred, no tope shark offspring had been produced.
Ann Donnelly, the trust's museum curator, said: "The last 12 months have seen many changes at the birthplace including, of course, the major refurbishment which has returned the house to the way it would have looked during Shakespeare's childhood.
Mr Allen Peach, a spokesman for West Mercia Police, said: "The force has advertised for a new museum curator.
David Tetlow, museum curator, said: "It's a tribute to all the staff and to the volunteers.
To accompany the exhibition there will be a series of lunch time talks given by museum curator Brenda Flynn and others art experts.

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