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ON SONG: Choir Idol judges (from left) musical arranger Simon Hale, Pete Waterman and Coventry Cathedral's Rupert Jeffcoat; STARS IN THEIR EYES: Hopeful Laura Jennifer Esther Smith at the auditions for Choir Idol held at the Ellen Terry Building (above and left) and Kay Saunders (below) who said judge Pete Waterman promised not to be too scary
Brian Wilson, the group's musical arranger and chief songwriter, started using more complex musical ideas and studio techniques.
In London she met husband-to-be Enzo Toppano, a musical arranger, composer and virtuoso musician who was working for the BBC and in concerts with child stars including Julie Andrews.
CRAFTSMEN: Composer Danny Chang, centre, with musical arranger Colin Edwards, left, and sound engineer Rob Reed, in the Chang Music studio .
Behind the scenes are stage manager Tim Burt, production stage manager Cari Norton, casting director Julia Flores, musical arranger Peter Snell, musical supervisor and vocal arranger Brad Ellis, sound designer Tim Metzger, costume designer Nancy Konrardy, lighting designer Michael Gilliam and scenic designer Lawrence Miller.
Very few people know that Hernandez was the musical arranger of Eddie Palmieri's two Grammy Award winning albums, The Sun of Latin Music and Unfinished Masterpiece.
Future concept-tours involve collaborations with folk singer June Tabor and her musical arranger Huw Warren (October) and, contrastingly a sampling/electronics/video feast with David Shea and Robin 'Scanner' Rimbaud (early 1999).
Through the efforts of batch '91 president Jackie Verano, her twin Jennie Verano, visionary director Luis Miguel III or 'Direk Chito,' choreographer Jo de Peralta and musical arranger Edward Lamberte, ACHS '91 came up with a show that transported the audience to another world.
JOHN WILSON, The Sage Gateshead WORLD-RENOWNED conductor and musical arranger, John Wilson, came back to his home town to perform at The Sage Gateshead.
Her fascination with the texture, sound and colours of music led her to music college and when she left in 1981 she started work as Trevor Horn's musical arranger and key board player.