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MUSICAL COMPOSITION. The act of congress of February 3, 1831, authorizes the granting of a copyright for a musical composition. A question was formerly agitated whether a composition published on a single sheet of paper, was to be considered a book, and it was decided in the affirmative. 2 Campb. 28, n.; 11 East, 244. See Copyright.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Through his life, Garayev wrote nearly 110 musical pieces, including ballets, operas, symphonic and chamber pieces, solos for piano, cantatas, songs and marches, and rose to prominence not only in Azerbaijan, but also worldwide.
A MUSICAL piece premiered at the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival has won a top award.
Other artists on board include Daniel Beaty, who will create a solo piece about the entire human breadth of the war, also for Arena; at ART, Steven Bogart's Boston Abolitionist Project plays this month, and Jim and Ruth Bauer (The Blue Flower) will write a new musical piece, War Dept.
Ruckus is a 10-minute short film based on the musical piece of the same name from his album.
The award is for playing an original experimental musical piece on a handmade mandolin or Chinese lute or moon guitar the size of only 2" in diamater.
Folio's composition is a musical portrayal of her daughter Lydia's seizures, a contemporary musical piece well-received in previous performances.
"A musical piece that builds in strength as it progresses through a development of rhythmic variety is ideal for the fountain performance.
Each musical piece was preceded by a brief narration by Perez about its origin, style and composition.
Speaking to A.A regarding the performance in Barcelona, Turkish State Opera and Ballet's deputy Director General Sadi Erdogan, who is also the researcher and text writer of the musical piece, said Turkish artists staged an excellent play that was highly appreciated by the Spanish audience.
Erran Baron Cohen, brother of the actor Sacha Baron Cohen -- who created the hit film "Borat" -- has composed a 16-minute musical piece, "Zere,'' which is debuting at St.
The objective behind Amman Music is to present a new musical piece in the frame of more known and popular pieces.The French Embassy and the French Cultural Centre are constantly contributing to the Jordanian musical scene, through co-operation with Jordanian partners and suggested performances by musicians coming from France.