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In her many musings, she surrounds the original smile with a multitude of fantasies, which make it strange and awful: as, for instance, if she imagines him in a coffin, that parting look is frozen on his pale features; or, if she dreams of him in heaven, still his blessed spirit wears a quiet and crafty smile.
The old man made a long, and apparently a musing pause.
Suddenly, while musing on the remarkable position, in which he was placed, Middleton felt the hand, which he held, grasp his own with incredible power, and the old man, supported on either side by his friends, rose upright to his feet.
Bois-Guilbert,'' said Cedric, still in the musing, half-arguing tone, which the habit of living among dependants had accustomed him to employ, and which resembled a man who talks to himself rather than to those around him ``Bois-Guilbert?
And a driver," continued the lady, musing, "who am I to have for a driver?
Well then, when they gave the signal for the onset our lacquey was in an ecstasy, musing upon the beauty of her whom he had already made mistress of his liberty, and so he paid no attention to the sound of the trumpet, unlike Don Quixote, who was off the instant he heard it, and, at the highest speed Rocinante was capable of, set out to meet his enemy, his good squire Sancho shouting lustily as he saw him start, "God guide thee, cream and flower of knights-errant
It seems she was romantically given, for she sat down upon her box, which stood immediately under the window, and fell into a dream of musing.
Fleetmac Wood" are coming to Constellations next month, and are calling on all Sisters and Brothers of the Moon for a night of celestial musings, trailing robes and mystery on the dance floor.
Musings A Suite for Piano by Ronald Bennett is a collection of pieces geared toward "early to mid-intermediate" student pianists.
The Great Wall of China and the Salton Sea: Monuments, Missteps, and the Audacity of Ambition takes place on a cross-country drive to the Salton Sea, a trip to China's Great Wall, and other journeys, and blends a travelogue with history and philosophical and social musings alike.
Brennan, launched her new blog: NLM Musings from the Mezzanine.
Feeling like an epic myth that captures expansive journeys like The Odyssey, this novel is full of philosophical musings that stumble into the spiritual.