MUSTER-ROLL, maritime law; A written document containing the name's, ages, quality, place of residence, and, above all, place of birth, of every person of the ship's company. It is of great use in ascertaining the ship's; neutrality. Marsh. Ins. B. 1, c. 9, s. 6, p. 407; Jacobs. Sea Laws, 161; 2 Wash. C. C. R. 201.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
References in classic literature ?
Harthouse has joined your father's muster-roll. If he is not Torn Gradgrind's colleague before long, I believe we shall at least hear of him in connexion with one of our neighbouring towns.
Pencil notes on the edge of an old muster-roll record that he was punished several times for 'conversing with improper persons', and it seems that he was once sentenced to heavy pains for 'absenting himself for a day in the company of a street beggar'.
Holmer, get the rolls!" said little Mildred, and the adjutant dashed off bare-headed to the orderly- room, where the muster-rolls of the regiment were kept.
The drivers and cooks working in the project are under muster-roll and on daily basis, and each of them draws a maximum of Tk.
Mhairi Lawson fought back with Avison's The Chevalier's Muster-Roll and a movingly sung unaccompanied song, The Bonny Moorhen.
But whatever stories Morgan had spun over the years, his name does not appear on the muster-roll of the Victory nor any of the other ships involved in the battle, nor did any James Morgan receive the Trafalgar medal for his part in the triumph.
Burfat also made a point of checking teacher muster-rolls and also called out to students to stay in attendance to avoid adverse effects at the end of the semester.