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MUTATION, French law. This term is synonymous with change, and is particularly applied to designate the change which takes place in the property of a thing in its transmission from one person to another; permutation therefore happens when, the owner of the thing sells, exchanges or gives it. It is nearly synonymous with transfer. (q.v.) Merl. Repert. h.t.

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The approval of TAGRISSO(TM) with the cobas EGFR Mutation Test v2 companion diagnostic exemplifies our focus and commitment to advancing personalized medicines in lung cancer by bringing new treatment options to patients and physicians.
He said that until this new work, more than a quarter of couples in which both partners were found to carry a CFTR mutation were left wondering if their mutations were going to affect their offspring.
The study may lead to standardized testing of a patient's genes to detect the mutation before treatment is given.
The prevalence of BRCAl mutations was 3%, while another 1% had a BRCA2 mutation.
Some recent studies have suggested that noncarriers of a family-specific mutation may have a two- to fivefold increase in risk of developing breast cancer, compared with the general population.
Glioblastoma patients whose cancers carry the mutation IHD1 are 20 years younger, on average, than those who do not carry the mutation.
Designed to detect the T790M mutation in exon 20 of the epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) gene, the new assay will allow drug developers to investigate its reported association with acquired resistance and can act as a useful tool to predict drug response.
With use of a variety of molecular techniques for mutation deletion, 36 mutations have now been defined for TPO.
In this study we report the standardization of a real-time detection method for most of the common [beta]-thalassemia mutations throughout the world (5, 6) along with the HbS mutation, using the Greek population as a model.
After ethnicity and number of live births were taken into account, women with a BRCA1 mutation who had ever used oral contraceptives had a significant 20% increase in the odds of breast cancer relative to those who had never used them.