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Cutting, tearing, erasing, or otherwise changing a document in a way that changes or destroys its legal effect. It is a federal crime to mutilate public records, coins, or passports.

In Criminal Law, the crime of violently, maliciously, and intentionally giving someone a serious permanent wound.

See: defacement, defect, detriment, harm

MUTILATION, crim. law. The depriving a man of the use of any of those limbs, which may be useful to him in fight, the loss of which amounts to mayhem. 1 Bl. Com. 130.

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She also faces the threat of having female genital mutilation performed on her if she is sent back to Nigeria.
Work with the key ministries and the courts on refining administrative regulations and support the reduction of gender-based violence by working with the communities and police to implement Ethiopian laws prohibiting early marriage and female genital mutilation.
Forced mutilation is violent abuse and has absolutely no place in a civilised world.
The girls - aged 12, nine and six - are among the first females in Britain to be given the protection of a female genital mutilation protection order.
Female genital mutilation has been illegal in the UK since 1985 but is considered to be a growing problem across the country.
Section 1 defines female genital mutilation using the well-known World Health Organization definition.
Female genital mutilation affects all ages and classes of women.
International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation, is a violation of the human rights of girls and women and if the current trends continue, about 86 million more girls worldwide will be subjected to the practice by 2030.
Health care providers now perform up to 18 percent of female genital mutilation cases and the trend is growing, according to the World Health Organization.
FGM involves the removal of the clitoris and, sometimes, even more extreme mutilation, in a bid to control women's sexuality.
A first degree court acquitted both the doctor, Raslan Fadl, of mutilation and manslaughter, and the girl's father Al-Batea Mohamed, who asked him to perform it.
If found guilty of genital mutilation, the accused could be jailed for up to 21 years.