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0 trillion in mutual funds, according to Investment Company Institute.
It occurs when a mutual fund or intermediary permits an investor to purchase fund shares "late," after the day's NAV has been calculated, as though the purchase order had been placed before the NAV was calculated.
Index funds tend to be more tax efficient than other mutual funds.
8,672 mutual funds, reports that the nation's 95 million mutual fund shareholders are typically pursuing long-term financial goals such as retirement security or paying education costs for children.
The mutual fund industry has just about the same amount of assets, but there are something like 350 examiners to do the same kind of work.
All the stars are aligned for a major overhaul of the mutual fund industry in 2004.
In a somewhat related issue, consider what would happen if the mutual fund generated a net short-term capital loss instead of a short-term gain of $2,000 in the above example.
To attract money into this unknown mutual fund, Fidelity could waive the load; such decisions were a key component of mutual fund marketing.
A depository insitution should also disclose the existence of any advisory or other material relationship between the institution, or an affiliate of the instutition, and a mutual fund whose shares are sold by the institution.
As have the five investment advisers we spoke with, smart CPAs have responded to the mutual fund scandals by taking a proactive stance.
Tax-awareness affects the selection of professional money managers and mutual funds, as well as whether to use a passive investment or active management strategy.
Without saying whether fees are too high - or too low - Levitt challenged mutual fund companies to more clearly explain fees and how brokers selling the funds are compensated.

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