mutual assent

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2015)), the Court of Appeal found that the District Court did not abuse its discretion in finding that the facts and law clearly favoured DNCLs position that there was mutual assent between DNCL and DomainTools to form a contract on DNCLs terms of use.
According to Attorney Wanda Borges of Borges & Associates, LLC, in New York, any contract between a creditor and a customer becomes binding as long as it includes an offer and acceptance, evidence of mutual assent, both parties' capacity to enter the contract and the subject matter's legality and consideration.
Therefore, on its face, the letter contains all the terms necessary for a contract: offer, acceptance, consideration, mutual assent, and an intent to be bound," Siragusa wrote.
The district court's full jury instructions on mutual assent were a correct statement of Virginia law and not in error.<br />Background<br />Appellants Knox Energy LLC and Consol Energy Inc.
Contracts based on mutual assent and free choice are to be enforced as agreed.
(62) To be legally enforceable, the contract must meet a number of conditions imposed by law, such as multiple parties, (63) the capacity of the parties, (64) mutual assent, (65) and consideration.
(112) Courts have struggled with, and scholars have debated, (113) how to resolve disputes over mahr agreements, in large part because they stand at the nexus of three areas of law: statutory rules governing both pre- and postnuptial agreements; common-law contract doctrines, such as mutual assent, integration, and parol evidence; and constitutional law, most notably the Religion Clauses of the First Amendment.
Coverage includes consideration as benefit or detriment, consideration as bargain, alternatives to consideration, promise for benefit already received, manifestation of mutual assent, sequential assent by offer and acceptance, defenses to contract enforcement, defenses based on lack of capacity to contract, violation of public policy, statute of frauds, content and meaning of the contract, using extrinsic evidence to understand a contract, implied contract terms and provisions, express conditions, performance and breach under common law, repudiation, remedies at law, and third party rights and duties.
It is black letter law that the formation of a contract requires manifestation of mutual assent. (48) There has been considerable litigation over assent to arbitration in cases where a document containing a purported agreement to arbitrate is made available (either physically or online) to an individual who then takes some action consistent with contract performance, (49) such as keeping the purchased goods, (50) continuing employment, (51) or downloading software.
An enforceable contract includes an offer, an acceptance and consideration (which is also called a bargained-for-exchange.) The most challenging element for NCUA enforcement is the mutual assent element.
Although Manhattan Nursing did not dispute the fact that none of its authorized representatives ever signed the arbitration agreement, it maintained that the parties' conduct evidenced a mutual assent. In addressing this argument, the court noted that it was important to recognize that Manhattan Nursing did not "require" Mrs Simmons or her son to agree to arbitrate in order to be admitted to its facility.
In his dissent, Judge Julio Fuentes argued that that the employer intervened by asking another applicant to translate and "created a situation where lack of mutual assent could, and did, occur." It was not negligent or improper for Morales to rely on the translation Sun provided, Fuentes said, and because Morales was not told during the translation that the agreement had an arbitration clause, "I agree with the district court that Morales did not 'manifest an intention' to be bound by the arbitration clause."

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