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The spatial correlation of forecast errors among adjacent wind farms is obtained from the pair-copula method which takes the mutual dependence into account.
Empirical evidence shows that mutual dependence is a necessary condition for the formation of the cooperative condition, but the imbalance of power (or asymmetric dependence) that, on one hand, can be an obstacle to the formation of an interorganizational relationship, can become an existing situation of a relationship in other situations (Casciaro & Piskorski, 2005; Provan & Skinner, 1989).
As the level of mutual dependence between buyer and supplier is often a reflection of the type of purchase, we believe it is useful to position our discussion within the purchasing portfolio literature.
Mintzberg states mutual dependence of the formal and the informal.
However, since space deterrence is not binary, does not contain the requisite mutual dependence of nuclear stability, and does not operate exclusively at the highest levels of conflict, space stability must also be considered in the broader deterrence relationship between potential adversaries.
I have often called Pakistan and Afghanistan conjoined twins, and the mutual dependence of both countries in terms of security, as well as social and economic development, bears out this analogy.
The eurozone's creeping fragmentation is primarily the result of the mutual dependence of banks and governments.
The mutual dependence of these flowers and bumble bees and other pollinating insects is one of the causes of the insects' decline.
Mutual dependence exists between the United States and Israel, but not symmetry.
Gul said the recent global economic crisis had shown how strong mutual dependence was, and the global economic crisis which stemmed from problems of developed market economies deeply affected developing and underdeveloped countries.
These objects affirm their mutual dependence, producing not a single state but a gesture toward the neat infinitude born of such constituents and their interactions.
Beijing should realize that if it fans anti-Japanese feelings following the latest incident, it will only damage ties at a time when economic mutual dependence is deepening.