mutual dependence

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Also, Gaussian copula is sometimes preferred in terms of mutual dependence modelling, even if it is not the optimal selection for its flexibility and for the sake of time saving.
On the other hand, mutual dependence between a supplier and its major customers increases both [ROA.sub.t+1] and [ROS.sub.t+1], while mitigating the negative effects of CC on the supplier's profitability.
In many instances, this mutual dependence nurtured a heart-felt union between whites and blacks.
In relationships of interdependency (mutual dependence), each part fears retaliation and knows that the others have a similar fear, and so the expectation is that each part becomes less likely to instigate conflict (Kumar, Scheer, & Steenkaap, 1995).
The Guards and the hardline clerics have a relationship of mutual dependence. As deeply pious men, the Guards need the approbation of the priestly class.
As friends of God, we are called to friendship with one another, a set of relationships characterized by mutual dependence. With this self-understanding, the church can see persons with intellectual disabilities "not as passive objects of beneficent care, but as friends and thus potential teachers in the Christian life."
Davutoy-lu said that he hoped they would not happen again and that he did not want to see a crisis erupting between Turkey and Russia, highlighting points of mutual dependence and strong energy ties.
The growing mutual dependence of First Nations and French colonizers curbed the drive of the Church and state to reform the perceived vices--sexual promiscuity, alcohol consumption and gambling--of First Nations.
Arbab said the mutual dependence of countries of the region was providing a chance to benefit from a host of opportunities by connecting and linking with each other.
In his inaugural address, Secretary Commerce, Arbab Shahzad said that the mutual dependence of the countries of the region provides us with an opportunity to benefit from the multifarious opportunities by connecting and linking with each other.
Painting and poetry, to name just two art forms, have long reflected the close bonds of mutual dependence that we have with our physical surroundings through landscape, still life and pastorals.