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Myasthenic crisis represents a rapidly progressive decrease in the muscle strength which leads to respiratory failure and life-threatening conditions.
During his treatments, Tom was asked to identify early symptoms of myasthenic crisis and was educated on the option of contacting his neurologist with worsening symptoms, which included dysphagia and difficulty enunciating words.
However, the myasthenic patient may experience a sudden worsening of symptoms in the intercostal and diaphragmatic muscles (12) during drug treatment, causing a real emergency: myasthenic crisis (decreased stimulation of AchR), which may require oro-tracheal intubation for survival.
6-10) Affecting 20% to 40% of persons with MG, respiratory muscle weakness can be life threatening resulting in a myasthenic crisis, an acute exacerbation of symptoms with respiratory failure.
A myasthenic crisis results from non-compliance, inadequate prescription, or intervening factors such as menstruation, emotional stress, etc.