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Prevention of myelosuppression by combined treatment with enterosorbent and granulocyte colony-stimulating factor.
26 In our study, case 4 had an extremely low CD4+ cell count and died of respiratory failure with complicating grade 4 myelosuppression and serious sepsis.
The report provides a snapshot of the global therapeutic landscape of Chemotherapy Induced Myelosuppression
After inducing myelosuppression in all animals the control group (group C) was given 0.
decreased number of platelets) are types of myelosuppression.
As expected the principal toxicity of azathioprine was myelosuppression.
for 14 days produced significant myelosuppression as seen from the decreased WBC count and bone marrow cellularity.
This regimen is associated with considerable toxicity, including myelosuppression and neuropathy.
Special Considerations: Weekly complete blood counts to check for myelosuppression are recommended, particularly in patients who receive linezolid for more than 2 weeks; have preexisting myelosuppression; are receiving concomitant therapy that might cause myelosuppression; or have received previous or concomitant antibiotic therapy for a chronic infection.