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Mystical experiences -- encounters where people feel they've connected to a higher or greater power leading to increased intelligence or insight -- have been reported all over the world.
We also explored how SPS was related to the psychological background variables of depression, anxiety, optimism, mystical experiences, and absorption.
And these narrations of a mystical experience are always culturally determined.
But this discursive and repetitive and claustrophobic book is more fully about the mystical experiences she began having as a young girl, experiences she has long been wary of speaking about, perhaps with reason.
By thus downplaying experience, Locklin evades the possibility that doctrinal differences between Advaita Vedanta and Catholic Christianity might be effaced by reference to core mystical experiences (p.
2006) contains 100 items pertaining to states of consciousness and mood, but only the 43 items of the Pahnke-Richards Mystical Experience Questionnaire (MEQ; Pahnke 1969; Richards 1975) are scored, with the remainder being distractor items.
The author takes an unfortunately broad view of what counts as a mystical experience (everything from voodoo possession to soul projection) and the hodgepodge makes the argument against veridicality a bit of a straw man.
Sultans work is a captivating and mystical experience that blends the colour with dissolving spaces and figures.
A Passionist priest and self-described cosmologist and "geologian," he came down firmly on the side of environmentalism and was a pioneer in the field after a revelatory, mystical experience with nature in his youth set his feet on the path.
As Davis summarizes her focus, "mystical space may be conceptualized as a space encompassing, and being encompassed by, physical space, social space, and textual space, with the possibility of God both 'outside' all those spaces as the initiator of mystical experience, and at the core of all spaces as the focus of the experience and, additionally, as present within all the other spatial strata" (6).
Kerby-Fulton notes that the collection is envisaged for use by scholars and teachers, and indeed the volume would be a useful supplement in classes on visionary and mystical experience in the Middle Ages or on medieval women's writing more generally.
A mystical experience, "The Tree House" is a book that unfolds in images, transcending verbal language.