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In contrast, pull theories argue that the suppression of our inhibitory functions opens up the brain to mystical experiences.
However, in the present study the strong positive relationships between self-reported dose of LSD or psilocybin and scores on the two mystical experience questionnaires, coupled with the lack of relationships between psychedelic drug dose and scores on empathy, spirituality, concern for others and concern for the environment, suggest a different interpretation.
In her mystical experience, Lina exists in a sort of decadent temporality defined as "the giddying but near-uncapturable state of betweenness that fascinates and compels" (McGuinness 5).
This quotation leads Davis to discuss the importance of paradox as a figure of speech in all these mystics, a figure that points to the mystery of God and the ineffability of mystical experience except through a combination of affirmation, negation, and higher designation.
And above all else, there are shared elements and a partnership in the mystical experience itself-and in the joint focus of this experience: "He Who Spoke and the universe was created".
The results mean that researchers might now have a way to study mystical experience profoundly, as never before, because there had been no way to induce a spiritual experience in a controlled fashion, said Dr.
Systematic comparisons of first person accounts of mystical experiences and schizophrenia have found that "thought blocking and other disturbances in language and speech do not appear to accompany the mystical experience.
When Heinrich recommended that Margaret and her sisters place the book of Mechthild's mystical experience (15) on the altar and prescribed an elaborate series of prayers before even beginning to read, he was mapping the book as an object of ritual devotion and vessel of divine grace.
or claims to have had a mystical experience with a Tens machine and a paddling pool, it's a relief to know that Radcliffe, a woman who can sprint 26 miles, took the drugs option.
Methylphenidate rarely produced a mystical experience, although the researchers were intrigued that a few people did have that response.
It is as if society "captures" heterosexuality for biological reproduction and the maintenance of public social structures and will allow only the homosexual or the bisexual, really anything but heterosexuality, to "escape" into the liminal realms of mystical experience, ecstatic excess, and liturgical leisure.
Sufis know this state as the essence of mystical experience.