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Many VSEs are anomalous experiences, which are defined as unusual experiences that appear to challenge our understanding of the world, such as mystical experiences, near death experiences, alien abduction encounters, psychic experiences, lucid dreaming, and psychedelic drug experiences.
The pattern of introduction to the verbatim citations, and the directions for use, show that Heinrich believed in the exemplary power of both Margaret's own mystical experiences and the text of Mechthild's experiences.
Some folks spontaneously undergo mystical experiences during periods of "deep hypnosis," he contends.
If an aspect of consciousness survives and is able to have contact with the physical world, near-death and mystical experiences suggest that the motivations and awareness for that spiritual realm are very different from the self-serving materialistic motivations that have driven biological evolution.
According to Hood (2001), the mystical experience has a procedural character, and he also suggests that it is directed to some further cognizance.
Despite her friendship with the king, the Inquisition scrutinized Sor Maria's activities for decades, especially the reports of her extraordinary mystical experiences.
Exploring the evidence of how psychedelic-occasioned mystical experiences may boost the human immune system, Psychedelic Horizons provides readers with an informative comprehension of Stansislav Grof's view of the mind as a way to understand art, psychedelics adding new cognitive programs to our thinking skills, and an expansive redefinition of intelligence and what it means to be well-educated.
But this discursive and repetitive and claustrophobic book is more fully about the mystical experiences she began having as a young girl, experiences she has long been wary of speaking about, perhaps with reason.
In her newest book, Living with a Wild God, she revisits her teenage years to try to make sense of the dissociative states and mystical experiences that started a lifelong search for "the Truth:'
Many unusual phenomena are then discussed in detail, including synaesthesia, hallucination, lucid dreaming, identity dissociation, reported alien abduction and psionic experiences, past-life recollection, near-death and mystical experiences, and anomalous healing.
By thus downplaying experience, Locklin evades the possibility that doctrinal differences between Advaita Vedanta and Catholic Christianity might be effaced by reference to core mystical experiences (p.
Insights into God or Ultimate Reality, transcendence of the personal ego, merging with the cosmos and undergoing transformative death and rebirth are common elements of the mystical experiences reported by many of those who have taken high doses of LSD or psilocybin.