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The NAS virtualization switches allow enterprises to dramatically simplify storage management by enabling online storage administration.
The PC's or servers are performance bottlenecks in the topology just like the NAS solutions.
By introducing a NAS Solution, Hitachi Data Systems has once again proven that it is among the leaders in the storage networking arena.
Non-disruptive file migration: Appliance-driven NFM solutions can provide, once and for all, the answer for what has been seen as the bane of NAS administrators everywhere: file migration.
BlueArc's SiliconServer is the logical evolution of storage servers, delivering a product that offers massive parallelization by using new reprogrammable FPGA technology to move the traditional NAS software into a true hardware implementation, allowing NAS to scale for the first time and provide a sensible alternative to SAN.
But NAS with its IP connections are non-deterministic: the server issues its request, and other than tracking a time-out period does not wait for a response to its action.
The EP9312 provides additional features, such as integrated audio and display functions, making it ideally suited for media NAS server products.
Even with the market faltering in 2001 and 2002, IDC expects that SAN and NAS will grow at the expense of DAS.
ONStor's Bobcat Series of easy-to-deploy and simple-to-manage NAS Gateways consolidate enterprise-wide file services for Windows, UNIX and Linux clients and servers onto Fibre Channel attached, multi-vendor disk arrays.
Endorsed and recommended by Microsoft, the solution allows high-performance application services to directly access their data from the same storage pool that the NAS device is using for file data.
Last year, unit sales of midrange NAS servers in the $5,000 to $25,000 range grew by 58.