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We now have a stable, secure and standard foundation for deploying AnyFirewall Engine and Server for guaranteed firewall and NAT traversal into VoIP, video conferencing and many other Internet applications and services.
NAT traversal permits VoIP calls to securely pass through firewalls at a customer site.
They provide guaranteed, carrier-grade firewall and NAT traversal across multiple embedded, PC, and mobile platforms including Android, Blackberry, iPhone/iPad, Linux, OS X, VxWorks, Windows, and Windows Mobile/Phone.
We have seen a dramatic increase in demand from our customers to deliver Eyeball's industry-leading NAT traversal solutions to mobile devices.
Paradial, a developer and marketer of software technologies that solve NAT Traversal, one of the challenges in IP-communications, has announced the availability of Paradial Advanced Network Emulator (PANE) solution.
With NAT (Network Address Translation) and SIPassure's ability to provide Far-end NAT Traversal services, SIP services can also be used on a network that is protected by a firewall.