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The event was possible not only due to the NUST Alumni but was successful due to the NUST administration support and efforts by NCSC.
The nearly 30 miles of traffic between the two theatres flows both ways: Fans of NCSC also drive out to Flat Rock to see Flynn-McIver in a farce like Don't Dress for Dinner, or this season's planned production of The 39 Steps, where they find a more playful, less edgy side of Flynn-McIver.
The final two indicators were pursuit of and success in obtaining the NCSC credential.
The NCSC also questioned the level of intervention by nurses and doctors employed to care for old people at the Maypole, saying that the 'notification to GPs that [a] patient required medical intervention [was] provided too late or not at all'.
NCSC said a second round of applications is now being accepted for alternative fuel incentive projects through November 1, with more than $47,000 of funding still available.
NCSC chairwoman Anne Parker said: "We know that the numbers meeting the standards are increasing as care homes really begin to understand and get to grips with the requirements of this important national minimum standard.
An NCSC spokeswoman said: "At the time that MacIntyre was working at Starcross care home - back in July - the NCSC was already taking enforcement action against the home for poor care standards.
In its analysis of five years of data for 17 states, NCSC found that seven states experienced more significant filing decreases--but that only one of the seven has a cap on damages for injured victims, the major legislative change demanded by insurance and doctor groups to deter malpractice filings.
NCSC is distributing 10,000 copies of Getting Online 2.
The NCSC report, based on a routine inspection over three months, found the Caesarean rate at the hos-pital's maternity unit was 43%.
A spokeswoman for NCSC said: ``We have closed down the home to protect the welfare of its residents.
Also included is a summary of the council's previous history publication, published in 1982, titled "From NCSC to CEFPI: The Council's First Sixty Years.