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This project with HIE-Bridge and Social Security demonstrates the value of electronic health records, HIEs and NHIN," said ApeniMED CEO John Fraser.
Heart IT has proposed this technology as a SaaS PACS for smaller providers in order to enable them to share and access images via the NHIN.
A working NHIN, in my view, is America's best hope for protection against pandemics or biological terrorism.
Evolvent has assisted the DoD successfully become one of the initial groups of health organizations to navigate the new NHIN on-boarding procedures, including standards compliance and interoperability testing.
Additionally, by incorporating industry-accepted application standards into current RHIO deployments, even RHIOs with disparate technologies will be able to inter-operate within the future NHIN.
They will require awardees, with a patient's authorization, to send SSA patient electronic medical records through the NHIN.
A working RHIO or NHIN means pandemics can be spotted and hopefully stopped before they breakout.
The ApeniMED NHIN Platform is installed at both Marshfield Clinic and CHIC hospitals, where they will transmit a Continuity of Care Document (CCD) when the Social Security Administration electronically requests information to verify disability claims.
4 offers key feature enhancements to the open-source enterprise framework, compliance with updated NHIN specifications, security improvements and progress toward development platform neutrality.
Interoperability is coming, and just behind it, RHIOs (Regional Health Information Organizations) and the NHIN (National Health Information Network).
The MEDNET - Hielix partnership integrates Hielix's ability to seamlessly integrate healthcare IT solutions into new and existing healthcare delivery models and MEDNET's technical expertise in achieving data interoperability and NHIN connectivity between healthcare providers and HIEs.