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About ApeniMED ApeniMED, known for its industry-leading HIE platform and NHIN expertise, is headquartered in Minneapolis, MN, with additional offices in Seattle, WA, the Territory of Guam and Washington, D.
An NHIN that uses a standards-based infrastructure, accessed by any broadband or dial-up Internet connection, and charges a monthly fee instead of a large up-front investment in equipment, could level the playing field in healthcare and ensure that patients have access to their medical records, no matter what their location.
The NHIN infrastructure should be built upon the leading-edge security, data storage, remote access and data retrieval technologies in the industry.
The start-up phase of the NHIN would require government and tax payer funding for the initial build out.
But because an EMR facilitates the collection and distribution of clinical data, it is seen as a vital part of the NHIN infrastructure.
But it will be the EHR that will ultimately serve as the back bone of the NHIN.
The fact that charge codes offer payers a comprehensive view of a patient's medical history makes it possible to convert this data into the kind of EHR needed for the NHIN.
And their ability to begin to manage their own health information would be reflected in their ability to access their PHRs, such as via the NHIN.
One of the hottest topics in healthcare IT circles now is regional health information organizations (RHIOs) and their potential role in developing an NHIN.
One problem that has plagued RHIOs and threatens to derail the NHIN is interoperability, the ability of different systems and software applications to communicate with each other and to exchange data in a timely and efficient manner.
Even if the NHIN is rolled out within the next 10 years, "You're still going to have multiple vendors with different products who need to differentiate by capturing information their competitors don't.
However, this type of arrangement would not be feasible for the kind of NHIN being planned, says St.